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Sep 18, 2007

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RAPPER T.I. ARRESTED: Feds search his home in Atlanta; So...

Sorry, going 'to' be taken.......  (Oct 17, 2007 | post #588)


RAPPER T.I. ARRESTED: Feds search his home in Atlanta; So...

Apparently he wanted to be a gangster so now he has the privilige of going through what happens to gangsters when they are caught. Federal search warrant does not sound good at all. I assume that his lawyer has made the down payment on the new jet because this fool is going get taken for some serious cash and probably still do time. If he wanted to play with machine guns,Uncle Sam is waiting with open arms. All he had to do was to take a quick walk to the nearest recruiting station. Big differences between Hollywood,BS in your head and reality.  (Oct 17, 2007 | post #587)


Co-defendant in Simpson case to plead guilty

I wouldn't be surprised,after all it's always those jokers that hang out with you whom usually are the ones offering their shoulders for your girl to rest her head during those'difficult' or not so difficult times.  (Oct 16, 2007 | post #9)


O.J. Rhymes (aka Juiceisms)

Oh me! Oh my! Why can't I see that white people have no love for me. Because of my money,my name and fame, I'am always beating them at their stupid old game. They snarl,spit, curse and shake their fists at me but a white girl will always be sitting on my knee.  (Oct 3, 2007 | post #18)


Anna Nicole Smith Book Prompts $60M Suit

It is possible that Froggy may have hit the bullseye with this one.There is something that does't seem right about [email protected],his general demeanor and that odd nose that he has for a man. [email protected] not only looks like but must be a degenerate.Me thinks that the"boys " must have disposed of or did not know about the tape that they would react in such a vigorous manner.ha ha ha.....Careful " boys"! there is mention of a witness so if you fellows were doing things that would cause you.... oh well! ha ha ha.  (Oct 3, 2007 | post #24)


Affleck: 'Lopez Relationship Damaged My Career'

Hate to break it to you pal but it's your inability to act that has damaged your "career" .Your presence in Reindeer Games ruined it and the rest of your so called work is garbage.I am even afraid to say you should get behind the camera.Maybe you should date Matt,that might be the starter to a new career.  (Oct 2, 2007 | post #1)

Sean Connery

Bond's Moneypenny, Lois Maxwell, Dies

YAWN....both to you,Tuvok and Mike.Well,tuvok,I am sorry but I don't "feed" jackasses that stand upright and Michelle,What of it that someone would piss on a "corpse" or "grave" with "my" name on it?Really "I" do not even think the worms would mind even if there is seepage. You two fine creatures should understand the rules of the game.Just because someone throws a ball,you don't have to pick it up and run with it!.Leave that sort of behavior for dogs with frisbees.  (Oct 1, 2007 | post #46)


Britney Spears Loses Custody Of Her 2 Sons

Great,more time for her to party and even try some new drugs,lesbianism or threesomes.It's very difficult to do that being hamstrung by kids.Whew! What a relief for her.But this does not change my opinion of her talent because I still think that she cannot sing.  (Oct 1, 2007 | post #66)

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Rebels Kill 10 AU Peacekeepers in Darfur

Finally,something for all of us, narrowminded folks to spout off about.Especially since the O.J situation seems to have thrown everyone a curve ball.Keep it up boys,all that uncomfortable feelings about the blacks around us can now be channeled into subtle ugly quips and coded sarcasm.It helps,since most of us have to "hide "and keep those special private conversations about "them" for our "in crowd".  (Oct 1, 2007 | post #17)

Sean Connery

Bond's Moneypenny, Lois Maxwell, Dies

Big deal,The world is in a mess and here we have 1001+ tears for an actress!!!The James Bond movies have done more for putting nonsense in the heads of "our" leaders and their spooks than all the "sane and compassionate "folks in the Middle East. Forget about Miss Monneypenny and worry about your money and our idiot elected officals.It's them, that needs to be shaken,stirred and then thrown out onto actual ROCKS.  (Oct 1, 2007 | post #37)


Iran Labels CIA 'Terrorist Organization'

The CIA was and still is a terrorist organization.It was the CIA that introduced the car bomb to beruit and the world not to mention those" little incidents" throughout Latin america,Africa and Asia that have left these places in a mess up to today.The Iranians are the only ones that dared to tell it to them and the world to their faces. Now let the hypocrites and blood thirsty heroes spout off whilst conveniently avoiding that trip to the nearest recruitment station.  (Sep 29, 2007 | post #47)

Moyock, NC

Iraqi PM Disputes Blackwater Version

How interesting that the Blackwater Incident might change the "supposed withdrawal"pl ans!I do not like to think that this might have been a calculated move because it would indicate quite clearly the nature of those sinister characters that stand in the shadows and sometimes out of it. If it was not calculated,then it was fortunate for those natural born killers because they get to continue feeding at the trough of death and destruction. Unfortunately Sam,it could not be called anything other than the Patriot act because that would have made a lot of people think and "we "Americans, do not care to think out of our comfort zone of chips,pornography, bigotry,guns and money.It's just like everytime you hear them say "private contractor".E veryone knows it means a mercenary,but they will do their darndest to say contractor as if doing so will take the sting out of what that type of person really is.  (Sep 19, 2007 | post #13)

Douglas County, NE

Nebraska State Senator Sues God

Stop filching bits and pieces of hearsays and such from the jews and start to think for yourself.Interesti ng how so many cannot stand the jews but yet swallow their tall tales without even a murmur.A belief is nothing more than a statement of ignorance.Keep praying and believing whilst the rest of us will try to get by with learning and application.The romans may have died off but our civilization is the fruit of their efforts just as we are going to die off and our descendants and their civilization will be the fruits of our efforts so your point is moot.Even the jews have the common sense to put this idea of "God" in it's proper perspective.Try to think like a human being not a sheep,because after all,you are not a sheep.Baaa!!  (Sep 18, 2007 | post #451)