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Jan 20, 2008

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WTSP Tampa Bay

Pie theft sends elderly man to jail

All this over a $5.29 pie? No matter why America has the highest rate of people locked up in the world, even for very small offenses such as this. I feel this should have been handled by a Notice To Appear rather than a physical arrest.  (May 30, 2008 | post #12)

WTSP Tampa Bay

"My daughter was bullied"

I feel the YMCA owes both the mother and her daughter an apology for what happened; after all, bullying is no longer an acceptable form of behavior. The daughter experienced it and the mother brought the concern to the YMCA's attention. This is much like if you have been treated rudely or badly by a store clerk and you express your concerns to the manager. Instead of listening to your concerns, the manager bans you for life. I am proud of the mother stepping up to the plate to the YMCA and expressing her concerns about how her daughter has been treated.  (May 28, 2008 | post #35)

WTSP Tampa Bay

WTVT General Manager arrested

Just where is our world headed? Down the drain? I am very lucky I was raised with high standards of morals and decency many years ago compared to today. Fox 13 - when it used to be a CBS affiliate before the big Tampa Bay TV switch in 1994 - used to offer decent entertainment. Today a lot of Fox 13's programming is stuff that your children do not want to see. And Fox 13 trying to cover things up? We'll find out when the ratings come out, especially with their newscasts. Perhaps Fox 13 needs to clean up their act starting with replacing their general manager first. While we're at it, Fox 13 also needs to replace their voiceover announcer with someone better. (At least Tampa Bay's 10 has the best voiceover announcer in town!) We should start cleaning up what we see on TV right now while there is still time before it's too late. We know what effect TV has on our children and we should do something about it.  (May 18, 2008 | post #11)

WTSP Tampa Bay

Follow-up: Politician gets big bucks for little work

An elected official working a full time job and only gets to come in a few hours a week to make a big salary? And double dipping from retirement? That is setting a bad example, both for the taxpayers of Pasco County and the employees who work under Mr. Pittman. No matter why our state is in a tight budget crunch. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer, including the working class who put eight hours in and still can't make ends meet. This so-called luxury lifestyle has got to come to a complete stop now. And we voters have an opportunity to do this come November at the ballot box.  (May 16, 2008 | post #6)

WTSP Tampa Bay

'Overweight' Letters Outrage Parents

Prevention of childhood obesity should be a partnership between school and the parents. However, I feel that schools should not be sending letters home regarding their child's specific medical condition. Here are two reasons why: 1. Parents need to be responsible for their children including eating habits and physical activity. With the upcoming summer vacation season just around the corner, parents should get their children involved in recreational activities and limit the time children spend watching TV or playing on the computer. 2. Schools need to be responsible by providing for physical activity during the school day. Back in the old days we used to have mandatory PE that was part of the daily routine at school. Now with our schools' over-emphasis on the FCAT, valuable time that could be used for PE or any other physical activity has been replaced by drill and practice for the FCAT test. No matter why our children sit so many hours a day in school at a desk and get practically no physical activity other than walking from class to class when the bell rings! Moreover, I feel that soft drink machines should never be allowed on school campuses. Instead, healthy and nutritious meals should be provided as part of a school's lunch menu rather than snacks and soda. As for schools sending letters home regarding a child's medical condition, I feel this is a personal issue between the child, the child's parents, and the family doctor. Schools are in the business to teach for the future, not play doctor and come to quick judgment.  (May 15, 2008 | post #58)

WTSP Tampa Bay

911 operator training

I strongly agree, 911 operator training should be mandatory for all new 911 operators rather than voluntary as the proposed law states. After all, being a 911 operator is like sitting in the hot seat: Once you get that call and the caller on the line needs help, you have to make a split second decision as to dispatching fire/rescue and police to the scene. As a 911 operator, calls are evaulated by the number of seconds, not the number of minutes. Being a 911 operator is not like a call center operator where you can pick and choose - you have to ignore any negativity you may have about the caller and get right down to business. After all, when someone calls 911 because of a fire, a heart attack or someone breaking into your home the 911 operator is the first point of contact towards getting emergency help. The 911 operator who answers is your lifeline to emergency services. When you dial 911 to get the emergency help you need, you have the right to be greeted by the 911 operator who will say "911, what is your emergency?" in a professional yet courteous manner. In an emergency, seconds count and calling 911 can make the difference between life and death. I feel the State of Florida is going in the right direction in providing training to 911 operators as a matter of law. Remember, in an emergency, help begins with a call to 911.  (May 1, 2008 | post #1)

WTSP Tampa Bay

Woman thinks prescription mix-up made her sick

I will not be entrusting my prescriptions to CVS in the future - period. Back in the days when it was called Eckerd, I used to deal with them for all of my prescription needs. One day I picked up my medicine and my mother and I took a look at the label and found out that the dosage instructions were wrong. I called my doctor to double check, by the way. This happened right after I lost my older brother to a diving accident back in 1997. Luckily I caught Eckerd's mistake in time; had I followed the label directions I would have ended up in the real life ER! After all, Eckerd was also in a lot of hot water when it was found out that once you sign to pick up your medicine, your personal information was being passed on to telemarketers (remember those days?). Eckerd was bought up by CVS a few years later after what had happened to me. Even today from what I understand, CVS requires you to sign upon pickup of your prescription where other places don't require it. As for CVS and its predecessor Eckerd, what's going on here?  (Apr 18, 2008 | post #5)

WTSP Tampa Bay

Bond set for 8 Polk County teens

$30,000 bail for these teenagers who committed this reckless act to showcase on MySpace and YouTube? I do not believe it! I feel the judge should not have granted bond to any of these teenagers given the circumstances. At least these teenagers won't be going to cheerleading practice at high school (as one of the teenagers I have heard said) - in fact, these teenagers will not be going back to high school period.  (Apr 11, 2008 | post #66)

WTSP Tampa Bay

Lakeland teen beating

This is very horrific - so many teenagers beating a defenseless teenage girl. What makes it more horrific is that it was being done for the purpose of the video being posted on MySpace as well as YouTube. Clearly, these teenagers need to be kept in juvenile detention until their trial and put away thereafter. On another note, if the parents of these teenagers are the driving forces behind this sickening video then the parents of these teenagers need to be thrown into jail as well. Moreover, the computers and video camera belonging to these teenagers who committed this horrific act need to be confiscated.  (Apr 7, 2008 | post #34)

WTSP Tampa Bay

Student stops out-of-control school bus but still gets de...

Richard, as I mentioned in a previous post Amanda deserves an award for going above and beyond in preventing a serious accident, not detention. Perhaps you don't know what the word "detention " means.  (Mar 16, 2008 | post #6)

WTSP Tampa Bay

Student stops out-of-control school bus but still gets de...

I think this student deserves an award for preventing a serious accident by the out of control school bus. However, the ones who are really out of control are these school officials who treat students as prison inmates rather than real persons. Perhaps the principal who gave this student detention ought to quit and find another career because this principal seems not to care for his or her students, period.  (Mar 16, 2008 | post #5)

WTSP Tampa Bay

Absentee ballots go missing in Pinellas

Just goes on to show you that you can no longer trust the United States Postal Service for something that has to be there, such as an absentee ballot. The last time I voted absentee and mailed my ballot I asked for Signature Confirmation and no one signed for it on delivery. No matter why the USPS keeps raising postage rates while the quality of service goes downhill.  (Mar 15, 2008 | post #2)

WTSP Tampa Bay

Scientology files petition against Internet group

As long as the protesters are on public property and do not go onto Scientology property they are free to protest in front of Scientology's Clearwater headquarters. As for Scientology's security personnel harassing the protesters on public property, that constitutes harassment and intimidation on the part of Scientology and legal action against Scientology should be brought. Kudos to the judge for denying Scientology's petition for a restraining order against the protesters. What Scientology did is a misuse of the judicial system, plain and simple.  (Mar 12, 2008 | post #4)

WTSP Tampa Bay

Toll: 35 cents to $7.25?

The idea of the Florida DOT raising tolls on the Pinellas Bayway is completely outrageous. Not only fewer and fewer people will be going to Ft. DeSoto Park due to the high tolls, when the Florida DOT takes control of setting the tolls on the Bayway the last thing we need is the Florida DOT selling off the Bayway to private interests. Why? It would put money that you and I work hard to earn in the greedy executives' pockets rather than where it should really go. Other alternatives to funding could be used for the Pinellas Bayway, such as Penny for Pinellas or federal funding just to name a few. But not pricing most people out of a weekend outing to Ft. DeSoto Park. Besides, the two drawbridges are in need of replacement after 40 years of use. Moreover, the replacement bridges should be of the high level type in order to help facilitate hurricane evacuation from Tierra Verde and St. Pete Beach as well as Pass-a-Grille.  (Mar 12, 2008 | post #27)

WTSP Tampa Bay

Pasco to add end-of-course exams for high school students

I would rather see end of course exams than the FCAT. I feel the FCAT needs to be abolished as it is a waste of instructional time. School is no longer a meaningful education from many years ago; it is nothing more than drill and practice for the FCAT test. After all, a student can excel well in a course yet fail the FCAT necessitating either getting a GED or leaving the state to get a high school diploma. End of course exams are fine, but dump the FCAT in exchange.  (Mar 7, 2008 | post #1)

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