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Nov 17, 2009

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British author J.K. Rowling laid down the law on Twitter

They will anyway. And they'll wonder what your problem is.  (Thursday | post #10)


Abbott in no rush on gay marriage debate

Are Josh Duggar and Joseph Hayon roommates now?  (Wednesday May 27 | post #5)


Pediatrician Won't Treat Baby With Lesbian Moms

No they don't, they advertise their specialty, to let people with specific ailments know they are available to treat them. A cardiologist doesn't advertise to people with fallen arches, because they'd be no help. A podiatrist doesn't try to draw patients who need valve replacements, because he'd hardly know how to do it. But a cardiologist who turns away a heart patient, simply because he doesn't like the patient's spouse, is unethical in the extreme. Your problem is thinking of patients as "customers ". That's where medical ethics begin to break down. People who need medical help are not "consumers ". A doctor is not a Maytag repairmanA patient who does so is trying to find the best help he can. A doctor who does so is unethical.  (Monday May 25 | post #1488)


Pediatrician Won't Treat Baby With Lesbian Moms

You most certainly can. A doctor can be expected to give medical help to any eligible patient who walks through their open doors. But you don't drag people into the office from off the streets to be patients against their will.  (Monday May 25 | post #1486)

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