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Jun 29, 2010

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Lincolnton, NC

City Lunch in Lincolnton, NC

City Lunch has been our favorite place for breakfast since moving to Lincolnton over seven years ago from Lake Wylie. The standard question we always get is "Why on Earth would you move here from the lake?" My husband's reply: "Menopause. She had the itch to move. I've learned not to argue with raging hormones." My response is always: "...because Lincolnton is small-town America. No pretension. Look at actual courthouse square. People say hello in passing, kids hold doors for you, folks say please and thank-you. Who wouldn't want to live in a community like this?" City Lunch represents ALL of the above. Brian and Lorna welcomed us newbies seven years ago as if we'd been eating there since high school. No matter how packed the place is Lorna always asks how we're doing when she's taking our order. Heck, she even knows WHAT we order, how it's cooked, and whether we want grits or toast! Brian ALWAYS says "Hi guys" from behind the counter. Watching their interaction with customers, overhearing pleasantries between them and patrons, enjoying the banter between friends and neighbors provides more ambiance than you'll ever find at a fast-food chain. Not to mention freshly cracked eggs, local sausage, and monster pancakes . . .and all for a couple bucks a head. I guess we've been experiencing the camaraderie and enjoying the home-cooked food too much to waste time searching the walls, windows or door for a posted restaurant grading.  (Oct 2, 2014 | post #25)

Lincolnton, NC

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Lincolnton, NC

Gay Marriage - Lincolnton, NC

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Lincolnton, NC

Don't Ask Don't Tell - Lincolnton, NC

Explain my vote? How can there even be a question as to why it must be repealed?  (Dec 20, 2010 | post #2)