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Feb 17, 2007

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Waterbury Center, VT

Winter strikes

A large snowstorm hits, many problems occur with dealing with snow in neighboring communities and towns, local schools stay on time however. 4 feet of snow seems general, some places recieved more, up to 5 feet, and probably more in some spots, but 3 feet seemed to be the bare minimum. With 4+ feet of snow on my roof, and having to shovel a pathway from the door to the driveway, it certainly was much more than I had expected. For once, Vermont comes back with it's infamous snow that it has lacked for the previous year or two. I hope I am not alone when I say Vermont winters have been getting rather week, and warm. During december, I remember one day it was 60 degrees out. That is absurd. Any thoughts on this, and how future Vermont winters may be?  (Feb 18, 2007 | post #1)

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