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Apr 27, 2013

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Pinconning, MI

Review: Pizza Dude Pizza

I recently went to this pizza place and was very unhappy with this food. I paid $15.34 and gave $2.00 tip and got home ready to eat and found my food over cooked to the point that it was burnt. When bring it back, what do I get from the manger, Matt, "oh Mam, this is how this chicken wings and fries are cook". I ask you, why would I want to eat over cooked and burnt food? Not only that, I don't even get offer a refund or apology. I will never never go back to this place again. I plan to call everyone I know and recommend not to bother. I also plan to inform them how I was treated there. I wasn't even offer to give my money back. I brought container back with their burnt food and they kept it and as far as I am concern, Pizza Dude stole my money. This is no way to run a business and take care of their customers.  (Apr 27, 2013 | post #1)