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Sep 10, 2008

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Chicago Bears

NFL - Bears' Martz: Make mistakes in the preseason

If Jay has so much on his plate that he can't be hollered at, why is he in the NFL? Somebody needs to get in his ass for stupid ass throws. Oh, but wait! Now, instead of throwing picks due to bad reads or too much trust in his arm, Cutler's gonna hafta throw the ball to a spot where his receivers are "supposed " to be. Talk about a recipe for armageddon. Oh well. Bring on the Lions! Let the season begin!  (Sep 3, 2010 | post #1)

Chicago Bears

Are the Chicago Bears' Hopes for a Solid Season Still Real?

Yeah, there's still hope. Just like my hopes of hittin the Power Ball. Last season did it for me with hope for this team. Hope for what? To stay within thirty points of the taunting team that happens to be back bonin us on any given Sunday? Please. Okay, here's some hope. The sky opens up to usher in blinding rays of sunshine as heaven transforms the o-line into a group of killers. Forte and Taylor run like Bears legends of old. Martz waves his magic wand and transforms Hanie or Collins into carbon copies of Kurt Warner. If there's hope for Cutler please give me evidence. A couple of drop dead gorgeous lightning bolts followed by a boatload of dumbass picks have killed my hope for this guy. Prove me wrong. And Lovie? Roadkill.  (Sep 3, 2010 | post #1)

Chicago Bears

Bears and Broncos: More in Common than just Orange & Blue

The teams also represent powerful animals with names staring with the letter"B ". Jay Cutler said the Bears will be in the playoffs this year. I want to believe that, but the hits are vicious in the NFL, and if Cutler takes too many this season, his league leading pick total could go up. Or he may not make it through the year. Since Lovie came here Bears players talk too much. How the hell can Cutler say we'll be in the playoffs before camp starts? He's never even sniffed 'em before. Every NFL season is huge, but with all the moves the Bears have made the past two off seasons and the demoralizing way they have lost three years running, players, Cutler especially, should focus on getting better everyday. Put your pigskin where your mouth is Jay.  (Apr 30, 2010 | post #1)

Chicago Bears

Have Faith in The Bears

Die hard Chicago Bears fans all over the globe want to keep the faith and continue to believe their team will reverse the fortunes of the past three seasons to qualify for the 2010 playoffs. Is the power of belief real? My philosophy has always been results inspire faith. When the 1985 Bears SHOWED me they were unbeatable, I BELIEVED IT! The proof was right there in my face until game thirteen. The 12 and 0 Bears lost at Miami to end what could have been a 19-0 mandate, but it wasn't meant to be. In 2006, the Bears roared out the gates 7-0, once again bringing faith they were bound for glory. After claiming the Halas Trophy but losing in the Super Bowl, here we are three years later trying to restore the growl. Have faith in Jay Cutler, Bears fans. Believe the young quaterback will throw less picks and more scores. Have faith that Mike Martz will make Jay great while Mike Tice strengthens the offensive line. Believe in Lovie, Peppers, Harris and Briggs to make the Bears defense powerful again. Trust that Hester will regain his return magic, Knox and Aromashodu will continue to grow, and Forte, Olsen, and Wolfe make huge contributions. Let's see if having faith in the changes made in recent seasons pushes the Bears back into the NFL spotlight.  (Apr 4, 2010 | post #1)

Chicago Bears

2010 NFL Predictions: Chicago Bears

It's all about the quaterback, dude. Cutler took a lot of big hits last season, but when he did have time to throw, he didn't always make the very makeable play. The Bears need Jay to be solid in 2010 while progressing onward to super star status as his career matures. If Cutler takes off under Martz' system, the Bears defense will too.  (Apr 4, 2010 | post #1)

Chicago Bears

monsters of the midway? please

The problem fans like me have with the Bears is simple...they have become soft. Even during the tough years before Papa Bear hired Mike Ditka as head coach to reverse the downward spiral his team was headed in, the Bears always played hard and hit with helmet cracking power. The people running this team talk a good game, but it's obvious they aren't really committed to restoring Bears tradition, because if they were, team presidents, general managers, and coaches who understand the importance of our fantastic history would be brought in to instill that philosophy of domination to the players. If monstrous improvement doesn't take place in 2010, the winds of change will hopefully usher in a new era of smashmouth feasting for the Bears and their fans.  (Apr 3, 2010 | post #2)

Chicago Bears

monsters of the midway? please

The Chicago Bears are also known as the Monsters Of The Midway. That's right, when the coin is tossed up to start football games in the NFL, Chicago's team begins to transform into a pack of menacing creatures capable of striking fear into opponents by ripping them into pieces...not! Even when they clawed their way into the 2006 Super Bowl, the Bears lacked the awe inspiring ferocity that the 85 squad was famous for. The post-Ditka Bears don't hit like monsters, sack like monsters, or intimidate like monsters. The only people they scare fill up the stands during home games or catch the "action" on the tube. Monsters? Please. The 2008 Bears finished 9-7 while missing the playoffs for a second consecutive season. General Manager Jerry Angelo was "Pissed off and not taking it anymore!" Enter the Jay Cutler trade. Exit 2009, another sorry season. Jerry, team president Ted Phillips, and head coach Lovie Smith vowed there would be changes, so enter DE Julius Peppers, TE Brandon Manumaleuna, and RB Chester Taylor, all brought aboard to make sure 2010 would be a smashing success. Please. Of course time will reveal what's in store for the Bears in the seasons to come, but until some REAL MONSTERS are put in place from top to bottom to change the direction of this charter franchise, the only people this team will scare are their fans.  (Apr 2, 2010 | post #1)

Chicago Bears

Heirs and Bears: The mysterious McCaskeys

I can understand why the McCaskeys stay away from the media. Everyone's not a camera hound and some people get tired of all the BS that goes along with being constantly badgered by the press. The Bears haven't won anything in three years and seem to need miracles every season to stay close to .500, so any contact with reporters is going to center around why the team can't win and what's being done to correct it. As a Bears fan, it would be nice to hear from the owners occasionally to get a bead on what their short and long term plans are to fix their team, but if they choose to lay low and continue to let Jerry, Lovie, and Ted run the Bears into the ground, they should be willing to run them out of town if 2010 is another failure. Someone in ownership has to have a back up plan if the current president, general manager, and head coach are as incompetent as they seem to be. Who is that person? That's the mystery.  (Apr 2, 2010 | post #1)

Chicago Bears

Can Martz "Run" The Bears?

The 2009 Chicago Bears offense was terrible once again so changes were made. Offensive coordinator Ron Turner was let go, and after a long and predictable search for his replacement, former passing-game genius Mike Martz was hired, just like everyone knew he would be. Bears head coach Lovie Smith acquired Turner in 2005 to bring a run first, physical identity to his team, and for two seasons, it worked. But when injuries and bad personnel decisions crippled their defense during the 06 SuperBowl season, Chicago was exposed as a team with too many holes to stay afloat in the raging sea of the NFL. The o-line got old overnight and the defense couldn't pressure opposing passers with twelve men or more on the field. In successive seasons, the Bears released their leading rusher Thomas Jones and his highly drafted replacement Cedric Benson. Rex Grossman was blamed and booed out of town. Brian Greise came and went. Kyle Orton reclaimed the starting QB role he inherited as a rookie in 05 when Rex went down again and played well enough, but was traded for Jay Cutler. Jay took over in 09 and got tomahawked as he led the league in interceptions. Now, after three straight losing seasons, Lovie Smith rode the winds of desperation right into the arms of Martz, the mad scientist. No matter how much success Martz and Cutler have throwing the ball, Smith is going to want to stay true to Bears tradition by being a punishing team on the ground. How will this run vs. pass dichotomy find a happy medium? Will Martz be able to create such a rapport with Cutler that Chicago will be afforded the luxury of running out of obvious passing formations? Will the Bears offensive line improve enough to run Martz' scheme effectively? Can Matt Forte, a group of no name receivers, and Cutler burn opposing secondary's? Talk to me Bears fans!  (Mar 27, 2010 | post #1)

Chicago Bears

Why Lovie Smith Needs to Leave the Chicago Bears Offense ...

Lovie needs to leave...period. Back when he first came to the Bears, I was skeptical because of his rough camp that led to so many hamstring injuries, but he he had winning teams in 05 and 06, and when a coach takes a team to the Bowl, he deserves the benefit if the doubt. Three years sans the playoffs and a host of ridiculous comments and gaffes have taken away any hope of Lovie being head coach material. Still, if the offseason moves work out, and Cutler proves he's the real deal, Lovie, Jerry, and Ted will be rewarded like royalty. I just want the Bears to win, no matter how it happens. This is my dream scenario; we win it all in 2010, Lovie slides into the Cowboys head coaching job after they fail again, and the Bears turn into a dynasty for years to come.  (Mar 27, 2010 | post #1)

Chicago Bears

Is Alex Brown Done In Chicago?

Rumor mills are churning and Sports Radio stations are scrambling to find out if defensive end Alex Brown's nine year stint with the Chicago Bears has come to an end. Brown, a star from the University of Florida, was drafted by Chicago in 2002 and has been a solid performer and great teammate. With the free agent signing of sackmaster Julius Peppers coupled with Brown slated to be paid five million in 2010, the writing appears to suggest the rumor may be true. If so, Bears fans will remember the former Gator for his excellent run stuffing ability, his love for the Bears and their fans, and his wonderful smile. With any luck, the story is just offseason banter and Alex will team with Peppers to smash offenses and terrorize quaterbacks. If Brown does leave the Chi, his fans will be forced to watch him do his famous "Gator Chomp" for some other lucky team. Say it aint so Angelo.  (Mar 26, 2010 | post #1)

Chicago Bears

Cutler Can "Transform" Chicago

Sticking with my theme of blockbuster movies in regards to the Chicago Bears, which "Transformer " best epitomizes Jay Cutler? Since Windy City fans need Jay to be the team's undisputed leader, "Optimus Prime" is the robot Cutler has to transform into. Fans familiar with the "Autobots " point man can see the similarities. Optimus has major gunnery and rocket blasters at his disposal, and Cutler has a missile launcher for an arm. Prime has a tiger's heart and a lion's tenacity, while Jay took a lickin' and kept on tickin' in his Chicago debut. The members on Optimus' team look to him for guidance when things get tough. Time to end the comparisons. 2010 will be Cutler's fifth NFL season, three in Denver and his second with the Bears, but he has yet to lead either team to the playoffs or even a winning record. He's got the look and the arm, but without the medals he remains a studly QB who hasn't achieved a damn thing, unless you add in a Pro Bowl appearance as a reserve. Jay Cutler absolutely HAS to transform himself into the dynamic leader the Bears so desperately need, while simultaneously transforming Chicago back into The Monsters Of the Midway.  (Mar 25, 2010 | post #1)

Chicago Bears

Smith says Bears have improved most in the NFC North

Talk, talk, talk. During the 2005 regular season, the Bears beat the then powerful Carolina Panthers and talked trash about how good of a team they were and how that win over Carolina would help them when they hosted the Panthers in the playoffs. Guess what? Bears got home no less, and the Panthers bragged about how they shut the mouthy Chicagoans down and then up. Your're trying to tell me Lovie and the Bears have gotten their asses beat like Disco for three straight seasons and now he's got the nerve to brag about being the most improved team in the NFC North? Even before the draft? And even before camp? Well I hope the Lovster's right, because it'll be the first time he guessed correctly since 2006. This annoying Vikings fan says The Bears were lucky back then. Is the Purple Poonanee right?  (Mar 25, 2010 | post #1)

Chicago Bears

Mike Shanahan believes Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutl...

Cutler got thrashed during his first year with the Bears, possibly leading to a lot of those picks, but there were situations when he had time to throw and still made terrible decisions. Sure, he was trying to live up to his hype, who could blame him? The fans are rabid and the press is relentless, so no matter what these athletes say, the pressure to win is tremendous. If he can find a way to carry his success from the final two games of 09 over to this year and be good more often than not, Jay will rule. But if he's hurlin that precious pigskin to their NFC North rivals, baby the Bears will suck, the heat will get too damn hot and he'll get, "Rexed."  (Mar 24, 2010 | post #2)

Chicago Bears

Bears' Manning wants new contract

This is one of the down sides of throwing money around, eventually, someone who thinks they are more valuable than what they really are wants a piece of some of that loot. The Bears could be made up of a team of all stars but still miss the playoffs for a fourth straight season with out he proper chemistry. Remember Urlacher threatened to retire if he didn't get paid? What about last year when Cutler got paid and Gaines Adams was signed? The defense lied down like a pack of old pissy dogs, giving up yards and points like it was Halloween. Of course Manning wants to get paid. Not only does he believe he's a vital part of the team's success, the cash the Bears are handing out breeds jealousy. I know I would have my hand out.  (Mar 20, 2010 | post #1)

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