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Nov 7, 2011

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How an Ins. Co. Can Cheat You and Make You Take the Blame

It is past the 3 year statute by 4 months. They said they could just drop it. That's why I put it on the internet and I am spreading it everywhere. Hopefully they will do something to shut me up. This could happen to anyone, probably has, not telling how many.  (Nov 8, 2011 | post #3)

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How an Ins. Co. Can Cheat You and Make You Take the Blame

On Aug.8,2008 I was at Home Depot (Benton,AR) when a young man was helping me. He walked me down to the end of the aisle, it wasn't roped off, where a forklift sat filled with boxes raised (it was still and no one was on it). With our backs to the forklift we were picking out a product when suddenly I heard a roar and felt this horrible pain in my back. Yep, someone had dropped a box of brooms on me. I had to lay down because I knew suddenly I was going to have a seizure (they happen when I'm hurt bad). Sure enough I had a seizure. Scared that associate right out of his pants. We filled out an incident report(a friend of mine reminded them of that) went to the ER, and that started 5 months of muscle relaxers and pain pills. Meanwhile I couldn't be with my mother-in-law while she was in the hospital (I was her primary caregiver). (I know your thinking of all those mother-in-law jokes but mine was a jewel, really) She died a week later. One of the memorial services was a car trip 500 miles away. Fun times with a hurt back. Meanwhile I call SEDGWICK, CMS the HOME DEPOT ins co and play pho. tag. You know how it goes If you want ? please press 1, if you want (they don't have what I want so I press#####cause on the 155th time I'm mad) and then when I DO get the right party it's voice mail-everytime. They did call me ONE, COUNT IT, ONE TIME and told me my Claim number. That started a 3 (THREE) YEAR 4 Month long battle. A one sided battle because I hear nothing from them until I post it on facebook this weekend. Absolutely nothing, nada, can you believe it. Then I get a email from both Home Depot themselves on Sat. (I posted on their FB page, took them 2 minutes to get it off--faster than 3 years huh--and a call from Sedgwich CMS today. He tells me they don't pay much attention to these small $50 claims. (Mine was closer to a thousand.) That didn't sit well for some reason. Maybe it isn't much to him and maybe 5 months of pain is a walk in the park but I was 57 at the time and I didn't bounce back too well. What do you think folks. Then he mention since it was over 3 years they could just drop it. I mentioned I put it on the internet and I wouldn't drop it. Neither would my friends, nor my husbands associates. And I thinking if I can find a news reporter to hear my side I'll SHOUT "BEWARE OF HOME DEPOT AND SEDGEWICK,CMS IF YOU GET HURT AT THEIR STORES. Any one care to help me and repost this on their site. I wonder if it could go viral. Wouldn't that be a small wonder.  (Nov 7, 2011 | post #1)

Home Depot

The Associated Press: Fla. man says Home Depot fired him ...

I too have seen lots of buttons on folks aprons at home depot. We quit using them several years ago after they dropped a box on me from a forklift and wouldn't even answer my phone calls or letters. I found out they figure small claims like mine they just give a number and ignore figuring a person won't get a lawyer and the person will get tired of doing all the work. Wish I knew that then. I'm posting it everywhere I can on the internet to warn everyone who has a similar situation to beware.  (Nov 7, 2011 | post #291)