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Aug 16, 2007

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The Quran interpretation book has been published

The interpretation of the Quran by Mohammed-Ali Hassan Al-Hilly http://quran-ayat. com/interpretation .pdf http://quran-ayat. com/pret/contents. php  (Sep 23, 2016 | post #1)


The Israelite transgress on the Aqsa mosque at Jerusalem

The Israelite transgress on the Aqsa mosque at Jerusalem These days the Zionists of Israel commit a great crime of transgression on the Holy House of God at Jerusalem: the Aqsa Mosque. http://www.quran-a english3.htm#A_War ning_to_Zionists_o f_Perishing_ The House of God at Jerusalem where Muslims stand to pray God and celebrate His name day and night and submit themselves exclusively to God the Creator, the Most Gracious and Almighty. Muslims are not idolaters, and the House is the House of God and the worship is exclusive to God alone. These days, the Zionists and Jews of Israel started to intrude the sacred mosque of God: Al-Aqsa where Prophet Mohammed – salam to him – went in his night journey from Mecca to Jerusalem then to heaven. Therefore, Jews of Israel have to do one of these things or else the punishment of God is imminent and the prophecy in the Gospel and the Quran is going to be fulfilled: 1- It is better for Jews to convert and become Muslims, and then they will worship like Muslims freely and sojourn and reside wherever they like, and will be saved 2- or they may leave Palestine now and return to their original countries, before the time will pass and no respite will be given them. 3- They should stop transgressing and violating the holyness of the House of God at Jerusalem and leave Muslims worship in the mosque assigned to them by God. 4- Or else none can save them from fulfillment of the promise the prophecy of their destruction in the Last Days.  (May 15, 2013 | post #1)


Islam Will Conquer Italy and the Entire West

Therefore, what is said about the Islam conquer; it is not essentially by violence or terrorism as the adversaries invented and stressed. On the contrary, what is going to happen is like this: All or most of Jews, Christians and others will convert, when they will see the explanation of the Quran as it will be told to them by the Awaited Mahdi. And it may be that some of Jews and Christians will convert and believe in the Awaited Mahdi (The Paraclete or Elia of the Last Days) before Muslims believe in him. This is in the Quran 96: 1 Its explanation: (Those who disbelieve among [Jews and Christians:] the people of the Bible [lit. Scripture] and [among] the associaters [of the Arab and others] will not desist [from their disbelief] until there shall come to them [the Mahdi or the Paraclite with] the clear explanation [of the Quran, and then most of them will believe.])  (Sep 30, 2012 | post #116995)


Islam Will Conquer Italy and the Entire West

If we extend this First Commandment, we shall see it in fact is the religion as a whole: i.e. all the rites and all the devotions are to be consecrated to God exclusively. All the Quran in fact center and cocenter on the First Commandment: to make the celebration, glorification, praise, prayers, fasting, expenditure and every other act .. devoted to God alone without associate or equal. While all the traditional religions now practice the work done for those other than God: they associate Jesus, the saints, Mohammed, Ali, the Jewish sages, and other imams together with God. Such equalization and sharing is in fact the idolatry which the Islam came to eradicate and remove from the community. http://www.quran-a Question_26 http://www.quran-a Question_27  (Sep 30, 2012 | post #116989)


Islam Will Conquer Italy and the Entire West

The Traditional Religion Nowdays the traditional religion is prevalent: this is true of all religions, including the Islam: which is the latest heavenly religions: the Quran was revealed after the Gospel and after the Torah. Jesus faced the traditions which prevaled rather than the commandments of God. The same thing was true of Moses then of Mohammed, and now we face the traditional relgion: i.e. people cling to the traditions not to the essence of God's religion: which is primarily and prinicpally The First Commandment: http://www.quran-a ndex.htm#First_Com mandment  (Sep 30, 2012 | post #116980)


Prophet Mohammed excellent manners and conduct in the Bible

Prophet Mohammed in the Bible This is the description of Prophet Mohammed nobelity and great manners and morale "This is in the Book of Isaiah 42: 1-4 “1-Behold my servant: I will uphold him. My elect: my soul delights in him. I have given my spirit* upon him: he shall bring forth judgment to the Gentiles. 2-He shall not cry, nor have respect to person: neither shall his voice be heard abroad. 3- The bruised reed he shall not break, and smoking flax he shall not quench: he shall bring forth judgment unto truth. 4-He shall not be sad nor troublesome till he set judgment in the earth: and the islands **shall wait for his law.” This prophecy is about our messenger, Mohammed - salam be to him." ------------------ ------------------ -- * i.e. Gabriel the Holy Spirit or the Holy Ghost; he was the angel who revealed the Quran to Prophet Mohammed - salam be to him. 2 & 3 describes his great morale and kindness; so that God - be glorified praised him in the Quran 68: 4 و&#1 614;إ ِ&#1 606;ّ َ&#1 603;َ ..etc. The explanation: (And surely you have an excellent morality.) ** In Arabic, it is : (Algeria shall wait for his law): in fact the people of Algeria believed in him. http://www.quran-a english2.htm#In_Th e_Last_Days_ Prophet Mohammed in the Gospel This is mentioned about Prophet Ahmed in the Gospel according to St. Luke, chapter 2: 14 “14- Glory to God in the highest; and on earth will be peace, {{and to men will be Ahmed.}}” But they altered its meaning through interpretation and translation from the Syro-Chaldaic language to Greek then to Arabic and to English, so they wrote: “14-Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace to men of good will.” [If you like to have more details, then] refer to the book entitled “The Gospel and the Cross” page 38, by his author: the clergyman Abdul-Ahad David. http://www.quran-a english3.htm#Proph et_Ahmed_as_Mentio ned_in_the_Gospel_ http://quran-ayat. com/huda/showthrea d.php?2599-Prophet -Mohammed-in-the-G ospel  (Sep 20, 2012 | post #1)

US Politics

The virtue of the freedom and free choice in the Quran

Of course this does not mean that any man may transgress on others in any way. And to blaspheme against God and His apostles is rejected. Anyhow man can believe whatever he likes and will be responsible before God for his choice: if good--> will be rewarded, and if wrong choice --> he will be punished by God for his wrong doing against God and His apostles.  (Sep 20, 2012 | post #2)

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The virtue of the freedom and free choice in the Quran

The freedom of man to believe, express and say what he wants is a very good and an excellent virtue. Man can think and believe as he thinks it rational and logical. Anyone can say whatever he wants about his beliefs, as does he like and please, without anyone to prevent or impede him in any way. Man therefore has the free choice to believe whatever he thinks is correct and logical. But man will be responsible before God about his choice: >> if he chooses the guidance and work righteous work, he will prosper in the afterlife, >> and if he chooses the atheism, the enthusiasm about Jesus, saints, sages and imams then he will lose in his afterlife . In fact there is a large number of the Quran revelations which tell that man has the free choice, but he will be held responsible about his choice. E.g. God said in the Quran 73: 19 {إ&# 1616;ن ّ&#1 614; ه&#1 614;ذ ِ&#1 607;ِ ت&#1 614;ذ ْ&#1 603;ِ ر&#1 614;ة ٌ ف&#1 614;م َ&#1 606; ش&#1 614;ا ء ا&#1 578;ّ َ&#1 582;َ ذ&#1 614; إ&#1 616;ل َ&#1 609; ر&#1 614;ب ّ&#1 616;ه ِ س&#1 614;ب ِ&#1 610;ل ً&#1 575;} The explanation: (These [Quran revelations] are indeed an admonition; therefore whoso likes, may follow a way [leading] to [the Paradise of] his Lord.) And this is more obvious, in the Quran 18: 29 {و&# 1614;ق ُ&#1 604;ِ ا&#1 604;ْ ح&#1 614;ق ّ&#1 615; م&#1 616;ن ر&#1 617;َ ب&#1 617;ِ ك&#1 615;م ْ ف&#1 614;م َ&#1 606; ش&#1 614;ا ء ف&#1 614;ل ْ&#1 610;ُ ؤ&#1 618;م ِ&#1 606; و&#1 614;م َ&#1 606; ش&#1 614;ا ء ف&#1 614;ل ْ&#1 610;َ ك&#1 618;ف ُ&#1 585;ْ إ&#1 616;ن ّ&#1 614;ا أ&#1 614;ع ْ&#1 578;َ د&#1 618;ن َ&#1 575; ل&#1 616;ل ظ&#1 617;َ ا&#1 604;ِ م&#1 616;ي ن&#1 614; ن&#1 614;ا ر&#1 611;ا أ&#1 614;ح َ&#1 575;ط َ ب&#1 616;ه ِ&#1 605;ْ س&#1 615;ر َ&#1 575;د ِ&#1 602;ُ ه&#1 614;ا} The explanation: (But Say [Mohammed, to the idolaters: "The Quran is] the truth [revealed] from your Lord; so: >> whosoever likes [to believe – let him] believe, >>and whosoever likes [to unbelieve – let him] unbelieve; [surely] We have prepared for wrong-doers a fire of which the 'black tent-enclosure' shall encompass them ..etc.)  (Sep 20, 2012 | post #1)


Tel Aviv intelligence stirs the hatred between America an...

Who is greater: God or Prophet Mohammed? God of course is greater than Mohammed, Jesus, Moses and all creatures. Now America and the West incline to the atheism and a large number of them are atheists: they don't admit God's existence. Many of them trespass on the position of God Almighty: the Creator: (He is the same: God in English = Allah in Arabic and Jehovah or Yehweh in Hebrew.) Therefore, why don't Muslims become angry for the West and America trespassing the position of God Himself: this is of course out of the self conceit of the West and America? The one that takes advantage of this situation is only Tel Aviv and their intelligence and their cunning design. Muslims have the right to protest such acts and such films produced by Tel Aviv allies; but not to do any criminal work, like killing or transgressing, which will cause the hatred among people, specially about the time of 911 which has been discovered to be CIA arrangement. http://arthurzbygn 012/09/italian-top -judge-imposimato- icc-to.html And Muslims have the right that such films and any similar acts should be condemned by the free and brave American people. http://www.quran-a english2.htm#Israe l is divorced And many people suspect that the death of the Ambassador and other 3 Americans in Libya is designed and carried out by the intelligence of Tel Aviv to make enmity and hatred between America and Muslims. http://www.quran-a english2.htm#They_ Killed_the_Prophet s_  (Sep 13, 2012 | post #1)


Curiosity will almost find people on Mars

Why did the previous missions fail to find life on Mars? This is because they selected sites not proper for this purpose, but were proper for landing their rovers and lander: plain land not mountainous. In the desert of Mars and near the north polar region. But now they chose what they call 'crater' : their rover will be landed on a plain land then will move towards a central mountain about 5000 meters high. This is near the equator of Mars, and the high mountain includes the chance of ice on its top in Winter and so water springs may be there on the slopes and in the valley. The reason why they did not pick a clear sing of life: was because they landed in the past in sites not proper, and because they do moderations and modifications of the images according to their presumption that Mars is red! And because of the difficulty of communicating such images to the Earth from such far away distance. http://www.quran-a ew_page_2.htm#Comm ent_[about_the_Mar s_images]  (Aug 3, 2012 | post #5)


Curiosity will almost find people on Mars

The importance of finding people on other planets including Mars: 1- This will ((disprove the Evolution)): because the probability as they claim created man on Earth, then will this probability create mankind on the other planets also? 2- And will ((disprove the atheism)): because people will see the wisdom of creating these planets with wisdom and not in vain: their day and night succession, seasons, and years and atmospheres ...etc. In addition to disproving the alleged evolution and the appearance of the spontaneous life and man. 3- And will disprove the enthusiasm in Jesus, saints, other prophets like Moses, Israel and Mohammed, and in other righteous men like Ali and the imams. The reason for this: is that the religious leaders claim that the heavens and earth created for these men, while it will be discovered that people of the planets do not know Jesus, Moses or Mohammed ..etc. but people of Mars and the planets know God Almighty. http://www.quran-a ndex.htm#The_plane ts_Are_Inhabited_  (Aug 2, 2012 | post #4)


Curiosity will almost find people on Mars

Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and others all carry life on them: plant, animal and mankind like us or may be somewhat different. like the difference of the Black race from the White race and the Yellow and the Red races. http://www.quran-a ndex.htm#The_plane ts_Are_Inhabited_  (Aug 2, 2012 | post #3)

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