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Jun 12, 2012

E1ote-man Profile

Q & A with E1ote-man


Loving Life


my moms hairy sweaty culo


alice tx

Local Favorites:

blue oyster bar! gotta love it?;)

I Belong To:

any available group of gaymen;);)

When I'm Not on Topix:

im never off but when i am i like to be gaped and ravaged by the local bbc's?;)

Read My Forum Posts Because:

im a retard with nothing better to do with my life

I'm Listening To:

my mama who wont shutup, ugh!

Read This Book:

uncle max(the gaybook)

Favorite Things:

the three c's:corncobs, chiles and chorizo!;)

On My Mind:

BIG chiles, camote's and meccos;)

Blog / Website / Homepage:

duh, topix!

I Believe In:

massive vergas, bukkakes and beautiful disasters?;)