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Apr 11, 2007

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To know me is to love me


Halls TN.


small but quaint

Local Favorites:

China Star, Hastings,Wal-Mart and being with the one I love as well as my kids.

I Belong To:

No-one fore I am not a dog on a leash LOL.My heart belongs to all those that love me

When I'm Not on Topix:

I am on myspace, yahoo answers,facebook,yearbook or playing on pogo

Read My Forum Posts Because:

I have not poste anything as of yet just commited.

I'm Listening To:

nothing right now

Read This Book:

anything Steven King

Favorite Things:

All of the people I love,my computer, texting,internet and computer games.

On My Mind:

There is just way to much stuff on my mind to write in this itty bitty box. LOL

Blog / Website / Homepage:

Dont have one

I Believe In:

Fairies,Angels, Witches, Ghost, the afterlife, and lots of other magical, mystical things.