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Oct 29, 2012

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legit-source for all benzos lovers

Incredible service from start to finished arrived next day discreet packaging will definatly purchase again thank you!  (Mar 19, 2013 | post #337)

New Stock Paypal!

Sent you an email :)  (Mar 11, 2013 | post #20)

legit-source for all benzos lovers

Im not sure how to pm and dont wanna leave email could you pm me please need some by thursday :)  (Mar 11, 2013 | post #304)


Interested mail me price list please want before thursday [email protected] uk  (Mar 10, 2013 | post #109)

Temazepam 30mgs for sale

Interested email me [email protected]  (Mar 10, 2013 | post #105)

Nitrazepam / Zolpidem

Interested in nitra email [email protected]  (Mar 10, 2013 | post #9)

***Yoshi has full stock. xanax, bananakins, valium, Molly...

Hey yoshi interested in some xanax hit me up [email protected]  (Mar 10, 2013 | post #146)

C10 DIAZAPAM FOR SALE ,free samples to trusted members

Im interested message me price list and pics [email protected] much appreciated...  (Mar 8, 2013 | post #525)

BSI steroids

[email protected] interested...  (Jan 8, 2013 | post #12)

Steroids Pro Chem PAYPAL

Im looking for pct options and maybe some oral winstrol.. email me [email protected]  (Jan 5, 2013 | post #619)

Medtech steroids

what would you recommend im on test e and just finished bdol at 50ml?  (Nov 23, 2012 | post #14)

british dragon steroids for sale , paypal , samples,pics

Can you get hold of anavar pal txt me if you can and also pct options? 07791206090  (Nov 23, 2012 | post #17)

Medtech steroids

more info on the pct what is it?  (Nov 23, 2012 | post #12)


Buy Erythropoietin injection-buy Epo for human skeletal m...

Can you send me pricrd for epo please? [email protected]  (Nov 19, 2012 | post #5)

feedback thread for jdg13 valium seller

Jon was absolutely perfect from start to finished product arrived as soon as he said perfect seller highly recommend thank you...  (Nov 6, 2012 | post #48)