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Jul 23, 2011

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Computer Security

How can I recover partition after installing windows 7?

Hello Friends, After some testing with Windows 7, a hidden partition can be created, providing access to all repair tools and the ability to completely reinstall the system, thus removing the need for a DVD or USB key. To begin with, you'll need: 1. A functional PC 2. A blank hard disk, (which will be used to house the recovery partition) 3. Your Windows 7 DVD (or ISO file to extract the content) The disk drive must be partitioned into two. Consider a partition of about 3.5G at the beginning of the disk, so that this partition can contain all the files from the DVD and one for the system partition. Once the partitions of 3GB to 4GB are created, copy the entire DVD onto this partition and make it bootable. Open the command prompt and run this: x: cd /boot bootsect /nt60 X: (x being your partition) A message "boot code was successfully updated on all targeted volumes" should appear. Check the partition is marked "active" in disk management. If necessary, right click on the partition and mark it as "active" . Best Regards Duncan Jones  (Nov 1, 2012 | post #4)

Computer Security

Need help with possible MAC malware/virus?

Hello Friends, I have a MacBook Pro running on 10.6.8, and I'm having problems when using the internet. I've been using Mozilla Firefox to browse the web. I will type in a webpage, and sometimes I will get redirected to a different page that I have no idea what it is for. It will also load this page when I first start the program. Plus there will be a small ad box in the lower right corner that says, "recommended for you." It says that it is a sponsored ad. I'm not sure if this is a virus on my computer or some type of malware. I have my popup blocker on and the firewall. I know that Mac computers are supposed to be virtually flawless, but I don't know how to get rid of this problem. I've installed iAnitvirus and have done a full system scan. The problem there is that the program won't scan all of the files. It will say that there is 480,000 files (rough number) and it will only scan 470,000 files, but it won't find any problems with any of the files. I also installed Avast to see if that program would detect anything and it did. There were 18 files that were warnings, but some of these files were apart of the original computer software/apps. I could find the files on the computer, but it wouldn't let me "repair" them. Thanks In Advance Duncan Jones  (Oct 19, 2012 | post #1)

Computer Security

Can someone hack java somehow so when it is downloaded yo...

Hello Friends, Can someone hack java somehow so when it is downloaded you et a virus? My crazy mom says you cant have a minecraft server because people that are on the white list will hack us and she says i cant have java on the computer because people upload viruses onto it and when you download it you get the virus. First of all none of this can happen am i right? So please explain this and use a reliable source if needed Thanks In Advance Duncan Jones  (Oct 12, 2012 | post #1)

Computer Security

Acer 5935G Not genuine windows?

Hello Friends, I had my laptop about 2 years now at the time the laptop cost well over £1000 it was running slow and had loads of stuff on it so decided to factory restore it work fine then it asked me to activate windows clicked on it then it came up saying not genuine so looked on bottom for key sticker has come off called Microsoft who tried to help but got no ware he just said call Acer called them up and the man said just restore it again so i did same thing called them back the mans simple answer was turf nothing i can so now i got 2 days to activate windows or else i can not use laptop. Can anyone suggest me please?? Thanks In Advance. Duncan Jones  (Oct 9, 2012 | post #1)

Computer Security

Running Puredata makes my computer painfully slow, Whats ...

Hello Friends, I am running a Power book G4 1.5 GHz power PC with 512 MD ddr s dram, I have been working with Pure data/GEM and open source brother to MAX/msp. I am working with some huge patches sometimes more than one at a time and an arduous based controller. When all is hooked up my visual feedback (numbers and sliders...toggles so on) tends to freeze and I can't tell where anything is happened or happening. Is there something wrong with my computer that it cant handle this work? I am dealing with audio mixing and video mixing and a duel output. It seems unusually slow to me. Will try anything except committing it to a computer repair shop. Thanks And Regards. Duncan Jones  (Oct 3, 2012 | post #1)

Cloud Computing

What's the difference between mobile cloud computing and ...

Hi Friends, clients for mobile cloud computing are cell phones and the clients for cloud computing are computers, what are the main differences between the two?What are the similarity between them?and whai is the main purpose of cloud computing? Can you suggest me??????? Thanks in Advance. Duncan Jones  (Sep 16, 2012 | post #1)