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Dec 17, 2008

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Gilbert, AZ

Mountainside Fitness - Gilbert

Hey, nothing like management kissing their own butt. Are you the same jerk who reported the drive from the old to the new Mountainside was only 6 minutes after misinforming all members that you were closing the Warner-Cooper Mountainside temporarily? With that lie, you expect to have any credibility numbers. You are right, you lost not only me as a customer, but several others - I found a much nicer gym with people who appreciate my money - the Fitness Factory. If I had a manager like you, you would have been fired  (Aug 29, 2010 | post #14)

Gilbert, AZ

Mountainside Fitness - Gilbert

The new Mountainside Fitness center may have more square footage, but less usable space - many walls, a home theater (Isn't that great - I go there to work out not watch movies), and massage room take up space that use to be occupied by weights and jogging machines. Count the machines (the ones that still work) and compare! But this is not the only problem. WE were told that it was only a 6 minute drive from Warner-Cooper - BS! I couldn't cover that distance in a F16 in 6 minutes. I use to walk to the gym and now I waste more than 30 minutes of driving - I am not impressed and will not continue membership (as apparently is true of most members as it seems the crowd is dwindling dramatically). At the least, MS could have been was honest instead of telling us about the move a week before they closed the gym on Warner. And what about remodling Cooper-Warner - its already the middle of August and nothing is being done. Honesty goes a long was. People are getting FED up with being lied to by merchants and Politicians. Have a wonderful time with your empty gym.  (Aug 13, 2009 | post #7)

Gilbert, AZ

Mountainside Fitness - Gilbert

I joined Mountainside Fitness in February & you think they would have mentioned the closing of their location at Warner & Cooper - but NO! I was able to walk to this location. Now they tell me I have to go to their new location on the 202 & according to their CEO, it is only a 6 minute drive (if you have a F-14 maybe). No wonder why America now hates CEOs! What is wrong with being honest? I personally, WILL NOT RENEW MY MEMBERSHIP! I will instead continue training at the Arizona Hombu in martial arts & Tai Chi (http://ArizonaKar and the heck with Mountainside. And yes, I totally agree with OSA. This new location is pretty with bells & whistles, but is smaller than their 'former' Cooper-Warner location & has fewer stations, very difficult parking access & now we get to share with members from two different Mountainside locations. Mr. CEO, shove your Mountainside location right up your 6 minute drive!  (Jun 10, 2009 | post #2)

Casper, WY

global warming - another snow job!

Again, it wasn't 650 climatoligists, but just scientists.  (Feb 27, 2009 | post #5)

Casper, WY

global warming - another snow job!

So, then, do we believe 650 scientists or do we believe the government and Al Gore who invented the internet?  (Feb 6, 2009 | post #4)

Mesa, AZ

global warming - another snow job!

Look at the links quoted in the article. They are not difficult to read. It specifically indicates that "650 climatologists supported that human caused global warming is a farce". In another link, you will find hundreds (if not a few thousand) of scientists who signed a document indicating that human-caused global warming was a hoax. So who do we believe? A few reporter and Al Gore, or several hundred scientists?  (Feb 3, 2009 | post #2)


the jewelry channel

Hey, I just came across a new book and gems and minerals that decribes where a person can go out and find their own gemstones. It is great and found on Amazon and Booksurge http://www.booksur ls-Rocks-of-Wyomin g-A/A/1439218560.h tm I followed up on some of the ruby and emeralds and found several hundred carats just in anthills near rock springs!!!!! http://wygemstones http://gemstonehun  (Feb 1, 2009 | post #104)

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