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Nov 18, 2007

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Providence, RI

wade demers was framed

SOMEONE out there is running a harem of clones, that includes Lady AJ, deltadeuce, BatZE, cjshirley, Ljet, SandraJ and others, the people that have posted on the forums and some who have posted on topix. They've been attacking this man throughout the threads, and interestingly when some people tried to put some documentation on the forums that would prove that the things that were being said by these clones was untrue, the documentation was deleted, and the people were banned. I'm sure you would agree that this seems to indicate that there must be some kind of political pressure, so perhaps the clonemasters or puppeteers are in government. Obviously, SOMEBODY put pressure on the people from the newspaper to stifle the more factual side of the stories on the forum, since they deleted the factual information when it was posted by people who were trying to help the church. This is all kind of curious...what is really going on, that we are experiencing media censorship of documentation of fact, yet they are allowing these "moonies " to say all kinds of conjecture that's damaging to some people and a church ministry? And then they stifle documentation showing that indeed it was all balderdash. There's something strange going on here. After talking to the Demerses and seeing the documentation first-hand, it can't be denied now that Wade Demers is telling the truth. As I said, those clown clones may even be city administration people...that would make sense in light of what has been done in Meridian to this man, his family, and his church. The people on the Meridianstar forums and on topix who are attacking Wade Demers are lying! Where do they get the audacity to say these untrue things about this man? And who are Fudpucker and Bankwalker? They must be in cahoots with the others also. There would be no earthly reason for all of these people to be so dishonest unless they have malicious intent.  (Nov 19, 2007 | post #14)

Providence, RI

wade demers was framed

I agree with you, Sam, that these people must be clones--they have to be some kind of agents of the people who are setting Wade Demers up. I live in Meridian too, and I've been reading the forums on these matters from the beginning, (including the stuff that has since been deleted), and if you want to know who the clonemaster(s) might be, you should consider Ernest T. Bass, sailorman, Nazarite and MarionMedic. Those would be good places to start. It was Ernest T. Bass and sailorman that started the thread on in which they were trying to say that Christ's Church in Action wasn't a church, and now I've seen the documentation that proves that it indeed is a church. (Nazarite and MarionMedic then came in with some very negative and insulting things about Wade Demers and his wife, and were getting out of hand, but then began to back off and be silent when the actual factual documentation regarding the situations that they had brought up began to be posted; and obviously proved that what they--MarionMedic, Nazarite, and a number of others--were saying, was just total fabrication.) In my past over the too many years of my adult life, I've done investigative work for a lot of reasons, so I guess I have a natural curiosity for this kind of thing. So you see, I went to see Wade and Patti Demers also, because I wanted to find out for myself what the truth was after reading all of that crazy stuff on the forums. After all, the guy (Demers) was saying that there was documentation to back up the things he was saying, so I wanted to see for myself. There's so much documentation about so many things which have been done to this church, that I don't know just how much you saw...but concerning the motivation for Ernest T. Bass and sailorman starting a slanderous thread, if you haven't already, you might be interested in seeing the document produced by the Lauderdale County Board of Supervisors concerning Ernest T. Bass'and sailorman's directly trying to protect and promote child pornography being available, out in the open throughout the Meridian library, to children. It was only when Pastor Demers exposed it by bringing it to the attention of the Lauderdale County Board of Supervisors, that they stepped in and directed the Meridian Library to make sure that this illicit material regarding adults with minors would no longer be readily accessible to children. (to be continued on next post--exceeds limit for one post)  (Nov 19, 2007 | post #13)