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Jun 25, 2007

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Eunice, LA

News Paper theft & TG turkey giveaway...

I know of one lady that does this & she use to work at the PSA office in Eunice. She has been doing this for years & even got caught once.  (Nov 24, 2009 | post #5)

Eunice, LA

Eunice Mayor

I like the fact that Bob is causing controversy in the political arena here in Eunice. I never did like politics. I do think that there was alot of crooked dealings going on in Eunice city government. That's just my opinion...I have no proof of that in any way. What I am disgusted in is the city baseball league. I have a son who made the 13/14 y/o all stars. We played a team from Evangeline Parish the other day. They have their shit together. I am from Evang. Parish. When I grew up there baseball was big and it still is. This teal had 2 highschool baseball coaches for their team. They talked about their batting cages & pitching machines. They looked & played first class. Us... on the other hand played like 10/ 12 y/o's. We had a mom for a coach...bless her though. She tries her best and did this, I'm assumeing, just so these kids could play. She deserves an applause for that. Anyway, we have no coaches, no equipment such as pitching machines either. Get this. Mamou played us last our fine baseball complex....and get this....the manager of the park was there but she was cutting grass...the consessions were not even opened. We asked her but she said she didn't know about that. We the parents had to pitch in to pay the umpire!!! Can you believe that. He was a city league umpire and we had to pay him. Also we were initially told that we could not practice at that complex as allstars. Regular games were over but we could not practice there. BUT!!!! Bob's kids team sure got to practice there ( from what I'm told. again, I have no proof of that). Something needs to be done. We have a great complex. If we don't support our teams, open consessions and have games & tournaments are we to make the money to support it?  (Jun 25, 2007 | post #3)

Opelousas, LA

palace cafe is a racist sh*thole

Well palace sucks. I am a middle aged white male with a blue collar job. I work hard and really have no respect for people who do not (white, mexican, black, asian...etc.). I ate in the Palace twice last week because I was in court and my atty. wanted to have lunch and discuss things but not bee too far from court. The first day, we got served really quick and the food was great. The second day it toof 45 min to get out food and it wasn't that good. There were about 1/4 of the patrons that were black. I never saw them get any better or any worse service than we did. I really get tires of people like you taking one instance and making it always about racial prejudices. That (you ) is what is keeping your people down. Sorry...but maybe you need to think about it that way. Hopefully, you will come to your senses and enlighten yourself to the fact that racism begins within...  (Jun 25, 2007 | post #12)

Opelousas, LA

"Goose" or Ronald Dies?

YES! City In Jeopardy...why don't you name the drug dealers. If you care so much...and you know their names...why don't you post their names in the Eunice News so that all of Eunice can know who they are. Maybe that way, if we see that person around our homes we would know to secure our property. As far as Judge Feucht goes...she does our city a great service by having night court. She is in court untill 12 midnight or later. She does this after working all day in her Law practice to benefit people like you & me. If she nodded off and you caught her...whoopty doooooo!!!!. I commend her for her dedication to the city of Eunice. I guess she follows in her fathers footsteps. If only other prominant figures in this city were as dedicated as she was...we might have something!!!  (Jun 25, 2007 | post #41)

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