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Dec 11, 2010

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How To Beat Baby Eczema in 7 Days?

Baby Eczema can be disturbing to the parents and the children as well. Eczema, a kind of dermatitis or also known as the inflammation of the first layer of the skin, epidermis can be classified in t o a variety of sub classes. The common signs and symptoms of this skin condition are redness, dryness, recurrent itching, flaking, blistering, cracking, swelling and bleeding. It is most common among infants especially during the first three weeks of life. In cases such as this the patient should avoid scratching the skin as much as possible because this can worsen the condition. The main cause of eczema has been attributed to skin allergy to mites, food allergy and environmental factors that contribute to the development of childhood eczema. Measures should be taken if a child develops eczema. As soon as possible the following measure should be taken to avoid complications of the disease. To relieve the itch caused by eczema, topical anti histamines are given to a child with eczema. The application of such medicines relieves the itch and the scratching at the same time Avoid skin dryness. The relapse of skin eczema is often caused by dryness in the skin. The dryness alters the normal flora of the skin that attracts microorganisms that in turn complicate the condition. If the condition persists with in a few days it is best to consult a dermatologist and he/she may prescribe a non irritating soap for eczema in children. A non irritating soap however should be used sparingly and while on the soap, you should implement to avoid loofahs, towels or sponges and other rough cloths because it can further irritate the skin. Other treatments for baby eczema include corticosteroids, oral anti histamines and immune suppressants but a doctor¬ís prescription is necessary.  (Dec 11, 2010 | post #1)