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Jan 7, 2013

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Charleston, WV

Melanie Metheny Missing Person

Her ex had a new girlfriend.She got into a fight with her and the girl hit her in the head with something and hurt her pretty bad.They were afraid of prosecution and took her to a farm in Lewisburg and buried her in the woods.Came from a good source,just sayin!  (Jan 9, 2013 | post #8)

Charleston, WV

Thieves on campbells creek

MIke long had it under his car port.He talked to the police but i haven't talked to him to find out if they were able to find anything about it.The boys up Coalfork ,I believe,are under age but i don't know where they live,yet.  (Jan 8, 2013 | post #28)

Charleston, WV

Thieves on campbells creek

There's about four boys who live up Coalfork who are out late at night all the time.They have the brain power of a 6 year old.They need someone to stomp them in the dirt and teach them some manners.Someone stole the preachers 4-wheeler from his home behind the Exxon.These boys need to be stopped.Now!!  (Jan 7, 2013 | post #26)