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Dec 24, 2012

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Brandenburg, KY

Crime Times

This article includes names and email addresses for the publishers of Crime Times. If you are the type that is entertained by other peoples public humiliation then let me say please...kill yourself one wants or needs you. And probably no one loves you either. Or as an alterative you could simply keep your dollar and guffaw and chuckle over someone elses copy. Win/Win situation!! You and 40+ friends get hours of fun for a buck, One paper Vs 40+ papers equals less garbage in the landfills. and the Crime Times publisher will have to go back to publishing only "wanted" ads and "missing persons" ads for free. Like they use to before they got greedy/creepy and nasty/ugly. http://www.readthe ile-mugshot-mag-fl ying-shelves  (Dec 26, 2012 | post #1)

Brad McMurray

Picture this: Man sues 'Crime Times' over mugshot mistake...

You are uglier, nastier, and more vile than the innocent/or not people you humiliate. I haven't been arrested by the way. I've never bought a Crime Times and never will. I know you hope to get rich off other peoples mistakes. Trust me you won't. Watch and learn....and hang on to every little dollar bill you think you've "earned" so far because "Dime Times" and worse are upon you. I swear it! :)  (Dec 26, 2012 | post #1)

Brandenburg, KY

Cops and detectives and how to deal with them

Never waive your rights! Know what to do when police come to your home, stop you in your vehicle or even while your walking on the street. Always remember that law enforcement officials can and will lie to you. Even if you have nothing to hide, NEVER talk to them or answer questions without first consulting an attorney. Please click the link below for a printable card that tells you how to deal with police stops. Make several copies to share with friends and family and also share the link on all of your social networks online. Click, Copy, Share. http://www.aclu.or g/files/assets/bus tcard_eng_20100630 .pdf  (Dec 26, 2012 | post #1)

Pearisburg, VA

crime times Jesus! imagine how His dad would have felt!  (Dec 24, 2012 | post #72)

Pearisburg, VA

crime times

wow! you know 99% of the people in crime times. Post your picture on here and see how many know you. Seriously though people ....humiliating those who have or have not committed victim-less and non-violent crimes like drug possession? You really, really hate the drug problem in this country and that's the best you can do? Make fun of them? Do you really think amusing yourselves with someones else's problems and legal issues is going to change anything? someone just made a buck off your ass and off the pain and humiliation of someone they don't even know. Hey remember that hippie lookin' dude with the beard and the long hair... Jesus? yep...arrested and charged! I can't imagine how his dad would feel if Jesus's pic turned up in Crime Times with some cutesy caption intended to humiliate him further. I'm starting to believe that some people are human beings and some are just basically meat with a mouth.  (Dec 24, 2012 | post #71)

Louisville, KY

Woman arrested after fire leads to pot discovery, child s...

the children of stupid people have accidents arrest stupid people. I know a gossip site where ya can round em up like cattle.  (Dec 24, 2012 | post #12)

Louisville, KY

New bill would require welfare bums to be drug tested

There's so much ignorance and hatred surrounding drug addiction in our country and it only makes this problem worse for everyone. If you hate the drug problem in your community please consider being part of the solution by educating yourself and learning compassion for your fellow human beings who's lives, and and the lives of their families are being affected everyday by addiction. Their disease is preventable and curable and their chances of recovery are being destroyed by our current drug laws and policies. Drug use, abuse, and addiction should not be a CRIME! "Our" drug problem is and always has been a social HEALTH issue and will only become worse until it is treated as such. Jesus Christ himself was considered a criminal in the eyes of the law before people learned better. Like things aren't bad enough for the addict. Do you people honestly believe that anyone WANTS to be an addict. Many of them made the choice to use drug while they were still children, teens and young adults. Whining, complaining and right out bitching isn't helping this country's drug problem. But that's all most people here are willing to do about it. Go ahead take their food stamps and welfare away! Lock them up instead of helping them get proper treatment. Who will support their children now? if these children are lucky, a family member. And these family members will soon be receiving the checks and food stamps you took from the parent/s. You've done nothing! Why do you insist on hating other human beings? Make you feel better? Great, sit there and gripe about all the things you are ignorant of and feel good about yourself. At least get some facts before you form an opinion. And please remember a closed mind is like a closed parachute....if it isn't open it's useless.  (Dec 24, 2012 | post #10)

Louisville, KY

Louisville chef Dean Corbett indicted for drug trafficking

Still waiting for his pic in Crime Times.  (Dec 24, 2012 | post #2)

Louisville, KY

Police arrest 3 people after finding meth, meth lab parap...

What criminals?  (Dec 24, 2012 | post #14)

Louisville, KY

Ind. assistant principal arrested on drug charges

Help change laws that would get him proper treatment instead of labeling him a criminal. Then you can explain to your child that sometimes people make bad choices like choosing to take drugs. And sometimes they become addicted because that is just the nature of some drugs. That their teacher is not a criminal but has a health problem and there is a cure for it. And when he has been cured he will be able to return to his job as teacher. Because he certainly didn't become a teacher for the money! And if in the future any of his students becomes exposed to drugs they might feel comfortable talking to him about it. And knowing that he has "been there before" they just might listen.  (Dec 24, 2012 | post #2)

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