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Jun 8, 2010

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Decatur, GA

GA Department of Driver Services is HORRIBLE!!!!

Ok, I'm a driving instructor and unfortunately I have to spend the majority of my week taking students to their tests. I will start off by saying that these DDS employees have NO consideration for anyone's time. I've visited about 6 of them and the only one I will recommend is Norcross. Even the headquarters in Conyers is horrible. They usually have 1 person testing even though they might have 6 or more walk-ins and appointments in every time slot. I've had so many bad encounters that it would take me an entire day to note them all. PLEASE, someone needs to monitor these people and implement a more efficient way of taking care of customer needs. WORST DDS LOCATIONS Lithonia Conyers Decatur Lawrenceville 1. One examiner testing all day is not enough 2. An examiner should never have someone waiting for hours while she sits at the front desk doing nothing 3. There should be some sort of standard for the scoring system accompanied with thorough training of the examiners. (For e.g, most of the examiners seem to think that they should not show the student drivers their score card when it is clearly written in the learner's permit book that they should and also explain results) 4. One employee should not be responsible for processing all those going out and also those coming in from the test. 5. The employee at the front desk should be familiar with all DDS operations Someone in charge needs to pay attention because I've seen quite a few people loose their minds at Ga DDS.  (Nov 16, 2010 | post #1)