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Nov 8, 2012

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traditional healer and astrologer mamangabi +27733230307

TRADITIONAL HEALER AND ASTROLOGER DRNGABI +27733230307 Traditional healer drngabi offers traditional healing services in Africa. Traditional healing to heal disease, traditional healing to help with life problems. drngabi is a powerful traditional healer with great knowledge of herbs, spells & muti. Traditional healing for health problems, traditional healer for financial problems & traditional healer for spiritual problems. Drngabi was initiated in various forms of traditional healing including divination (sangoma), and the herbalism (inyanga) making her qualified to solve any problem. Drngabi as a Practioner of traditional medicine has the power of divination, healing, ritual cleansing, protecting against evil spirits and counteracting evil forces. If you want peace, prosperity, long healthy life & success get in touch with Africa's most powerful traditional healer, dr/mama ngabi who will provide you with powerful herbs, muthi & spells of magic that are 100% success guaranteed to help any of your problems Drngabi as a traditional healer also has traditional spells for lost love, money, marriage, divorce, revenge & business success Consult the traditional healer Drngabi at +27733230307or website:http://mam angabispelcaster.w for traditional healing Holistic healing Traditional healing is a holistic method to restore complete health. The herbs we provide have medicinal & spiritual properties that will heal the body & the soul. As a traditional healer we consult the ancestors to get guidance on what herbs to use, we treat the core of the problem not symptoms alone. Traditional healers laws Traditional healer are legally recognized in South Africa as "traditional health practitioners ", under the Traditional Health Practitioners Act of 2007 (Act. 22 of 2007) . The act established a national council of traditional health practitioners to regulate and register traditional healers. Community Traditional healers Traditional healers in African society help people solve various social problems from curse removal, spiritual cleansing & dispute resolution. Traditional healers are consulted by at least 60% of the African population this number rises in rural areas where the status of Traditional healers is still prominent. Traditional healers calling Dr/ Mama ngabi was called by her ancestors to be a traditional healer, called to heal others using the powers bestowed by the ancestors & learned from the sangoma's & healers who initiated her. Mama ngabi as a traditional healer was bestowed with the psychic cognition & energy healing powers Traditional Health Clinic Dr/mama ngabi as a traditional medical practioner runs one of the largest traditional health clinics in Africa which has treated many world leaders, politicians & celebrities. At Dr/mama ngabi's traditional health clinic we also use scientific methods to discover the medicinal properties of herbs in order to grow our knowledge of herbal healing. Do not hesitate to call me for more details on +27733230307 or visit website: http://mamangabisp  (Jun 17, 2014 | post #1)