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Dec 3, 2012

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What's So Great About "Chiropractic?"

Possibility for Greatness, Not Predisposed to Sickness Have you ever looked at a new born baby in the eyes and thought to yourself “this truly is a miracle...” The fact that for the last nine months this little human has been growing and developing without any external “guidance” or “instructions.” marvels us! Its not like mom had to sit there and think about him developing and being healthy with ten fingers, ten toes, two beaming eyes and that tiny little nose! And that little baby certainly wasn't sitting there thinking, “Ok heart! Start beating.... NOW!” Well that same Innate Power that made you, or your new born baby for that matter, from two half-cells, that knew exactly how to create and sustain every single cell in our bodies during our development, didn’t stop its work once we were born! That power, that “Innate Intelligence” is still within your body, and it has the ability to heal ANYTHING, granted there is no interference… Chiropractic is so popular due to the fact that it has this major premise: that your body has within it the potential to heal itself when it can properly coordinate and communicate with itself. And when there is interference in the nervous system, in the form of spinal subluxation, that the body no longer is able to operate at is maximum health potential, and a host of various dis-eases ensue after that point, due to that incoordination. Chiropractic holds to the fact that your headaches aren’t a “pharmaceutical deficiency”, and that your kids aren’t predisposed to anything except whatever they want to be! Did you know that your spine is the only freely moveable boney structure that your nervous system runs through? Each of our spines take quite a beating during our lifetime! From learning how to walk, to our falls and tumbles in childhood, to car accidents, to stress, or even just poor posture! If one of these segments is misaligned, generally through some of the traumas we just talked about, it actually alters the body's ability to both send and receive proper information about the body! A Chiropractor unlocks this “Human Health Potential” not by adding or taking away any “thing” from the body, but rather by specifically and scientifically adjusting the subluxated spinal bone back in to its proper alignment, they are actually removing interference from your nervous system; which in turn will allow your brain to properly coordinate and control your body and allow your body to communicate back to your brain the way you were made to! From this point, that “Innate Intelligence” will now be able to restore health to your body! You do all the healing! Imagine if the world we live in was allowed to operate at this level? Tell your friends! Together we CAN change the planet! For More Info Check Out Our Blog At NewLifeChiropracti m  (Dec 3, 2012 | post #1)

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