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Dec 20, 2009

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GM lets Saab die

instead of closing the name why don't they just give it away like charity and claim it on taxes lol the saab story joke is funny i think lol  (Dec 20, 2009 | post #5)

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Iran rejects Iraqi claims of well takeover

The bigger question is can iraq ever take care of themselves is there border even marked and if it is, is it saddams border or there country's border ???  (Dec 20, 2009 | post #1)

East Rancho Dominguez (Compton, CA)

Man Shot In Compton, 5th Killing In As Many Days

you all bicker back and forth but this is a thread for five people that have lost there lifes to the streets and the streets no spacific color believe me ....... too many far too soon  (Dec 20, 2009 | post #15)