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Jan 17, 2013

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Kill Devil Hills, NC

Shrimp to Go...Gone.

Wow. That didn't take long. I never ate there but I talked to a handful of people that did. General consensus was good food, kind of expensive for what you get (except for lunch specials) and a slow serve place with a fast food message. They must've spent a ton on radio advertising. Kinda sorry I missed it. So, what's going to take its place? Another ice cream/frozen yogurt joint? Burgers, fries, blah blah? King Tut's Fotohut? Also, looks like Pete's Pour house is done for. No surprise there. I went there twice thinking my first bad experience was just a fluke. Nope, not the case. Note to potential restaurateurs: Make sure the fine people you're hiring have, you know, fine people skills. Rude & aloof service workers kill return customers - no matter how good your food is.  (Feb 22, 2013 | post #1)

Kitty Hawk, NC

OBX Chevy

I'm not impressed. I've been shopping for a new car and thought I'd give the local Chevy dealer a shot. I understand that, being a small town dealership, that their inventory is limited. I expected a big push from the sales guy to get me behind the wheel of something that's already sitting in the lot. What I didn't expect was the unwillingness to budge practically anything from the sticker price of a vehicle that's been sitting on the lot for weeks on end. On top of that, they want to tag hundreds of dollars in dealer fees on top of the retail price. And then there's the extended warranty spiel. Grr.. Best of luck to them & the customers that buy from them. I don't want to see any local business go under but I don't think OBX Chevy understands just how tough it is for the local hourly worker to get by. BTW, I didn't look at any of their used cars but I can only guess that same sales tactic. I'm going to look for better deals online & in VA. From what I gathered they're not a bad dealer. Just a bit too greedy for our ZIP codes. Buyer beware.  (Jan 29, 2013 | post #5)