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Nov 17, 2008

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Grand Rapids, MI

Bill Clinton's Countless Sexual Improprieties

I personally liked the episode Sean Hannity interviewed Juanita Broaddrick, a victim of Bills, on his radio show about a week ago. She was married, Bill took her in a private room, he kissed her, groped her, all against her will, smacked her in the eye, put his sun glasses on, and before leaving, gave her the sensitive concerned suggestion, "You might want to put some ice on that eye".  (Saturday Oct 8 | post #1)

Grand Rapids, MI

Hillary's propaganda machine the national news media

The national news media has been an arm of the democratic party for as long as I have been alive. The Billy Bush off air recorded Donald assassination attempt is just another piece of excrement they threw at the wall, hoping it will stick. If there was true unbiased reporting, Hillary would have been in prison long ago, and not even a candidate. And Bill would never have been envied by Arabian Sheiks who have enormous harems. Bill is a sexual predator, that defines the word depravity. Just ask any of the women (or children) he has "groped" , assaulted, committed battery on, and raped.  (Saturday Oct 8 | post #1)

Grand Rapids, MI

Clinton in a landslide in endorsements: Do they matter?

Bernie was lauded for unprecedented small contributions from voters. Hillary has nobody go to her rallies, while the media poses Donald's supporters as uneducated, so the obvious details of Hillary's funding, is it comes from wealthy donors and long term corporate fixtures who are part of the insider establishment Donald was nominated to defeat.  (Saturday Oct 8 | post #507)

Miami, FL

Bill & Hillary EXPOSED: "The Clinton Chronicles" on YouTube

Hillary has been linked to public office for over 3 decades. She has ZERO marked achievements on her resume. Innumerable apparent conflicts of interest which she has ALWAYS attributed to foul play initiated by republicans. Was fired from her only private sector job working on the Watergate prosecutorial team. Gotten filthy rich skyrocketing the national debt, part of which is the salary, travel, communications, security, etc. we provide her. Skimmed all the cream from the Clinton Crime Family Foundation, leaving only the skimmed watered down 10% for actual charitable purposes, most of which are I am sure, leaning toward left wing political organizations. Used the Crime Family Foundation as a flow through entity to accept bribes and launder money. And you wonder why Hillary is "delfecting " from the narrative that she is dirty, and rather, the electorate should be squarely focused on any of Donald's potentially questionable conflicts of interest? The ONLY strategy Hillary can implement is to destroy her opponent, since she has no credentials that qualify her to be the most powerful person in the world.  (Aug 21, 2016 | post #3)

Grand Rapids, MI

Crooked Hillary's Tax Return Challenge To Donald

So what's your wife's name Jim, Bubba?  (Aug 21, 2016 | post #3)

Los Angeles, CA

UCLA Quarterback Josh Rosens Slam On Donald Trump

The guy is a punk, and if anybody on the line in front of him this fall demands a level of civility from their team mates, especially in a high profile capacity as Mr. Rosen has, his protection would take on the consistency of Swiss Cheese. Wearing a hat that says F____Trump on it while playing golf on one of Donald's courses is totally over the top. Slimy atheist anyway. What do you expect from a Godless piece of walking human debris?  (Aug 14, 2016 | post #1)

Grand Rapids, MI

Crooked Hillary's Tax Return Challenge To Donald

No pressure. Don't do it. Say something and stand by it. No equivocation. Hillary got to "amend" her tax returns last year I believe. The "omission ", a five million cronies contribution to their foundation. Explained as an oversight. Whereas, Donald gets audited every year. Hypothetical; Ya think maybe the media will grill Donald on every somewhat questionable entry? End story, when the IRS auditors consult Donald on statements he made on television or radio, do you think he is going to be given any latitude? No. The government will come down on him like a hammer, using every administrative branch's authority to "encourage " him to end his presidential bid. Either that, or the "Kremlin's " (United States) controlled media and propaganda arm of the democratic party, will effectively crucify Trump for the next three months.  (Aug 12, 2016 | post #1)

Grand Rapids, MI

Hillary's Tax Plan Proposal

Hillary just said she would raise taxes on the Middle Class. So let me get this straight. The poor and uneducated, as Hillary supporters like to call Trump supporters, citing statistics the majority of Trump's supporters don't have a college education, will be the beneficiaries of her tax policies. Because she is pushing the narrative of the "man of the people", Bernie's claim the rich are taking advantage of the poor. So they will have to be taxed more. And now the Middle Class will be taxed also. So that leaves Trump supporters. It must be she is looking beyond partisanship and doing the only conscientious thing, by doing what's good for us whether we are smart enough to know it or not.  (Aug 8, 2016 | post #1)

Branson, MO

Who do you support for U.S. Senate in Missouri in 2010?

He be "Buttwheat ", as Eddie Murphy portrayed on SNL. I'm not wasting even one key stroke on an imbecile who doesn't refute anything they are ranting against. A friend who is brilliant, and has 5 of 7 siblings belonging to MENSA once told me, "Never argue with crazy people or drunks." We know Buttwheat is certifiably one of those classifications, and you can probably draw conclusions as to their status in the other arena. Don't worry, their finger would get a cramp typing enough to google the meaning of the amount of words they didn't understand contained in this post.  (Aug 8, 2016 | post #114006)

Branson, MO

Who do you support for U.S. Senate in Missouri in 2010?

Hillary supporters endorse a candidate that has a cloud of suspicion hanging over them so large, it makes Scott Peterson's being in jail for circumstantial evidence , ostensibly for murdering his wife Lacey look like something as ridiculous as a Mad Magazine comedy thread. And Scott is waiting on death row. While Hillary is immune from justice, compliments of the president, attorney general, and federal bureau of investigation director. While Donald is accused of changing positions. Lying. In Donald's case, if you want to conduct business in a state that has an inordinate amount of regulations, and extraordinary hurdles to overcome to even open your doors, you have to sweet talk the politicians and licensing bureaus in charge. Add to that, he isn't insulting people to diminish their ethnicity, he is pointing out not non enforcement of laws, but malfeasance, where Obama directs government agencies to disregard the law, and facilitate his policies. This is initiated through executive orders, and promoted through activist judges. Finally, Hillary has no political credentials, Wiki says she has 3 bills signed into law, each one for (brace yourself) naming something for an implied, influential individual. Add to that, Hillary is the consummate politician, in that "Whenever her lips move she is lying". James Comey said so during an interview with Texas Congressman Tray Gowdy.  (Aug 8, 2016 | post #113994)

Branson, MO

Wyndham Resorts in Branson are a criminal enterprise

A public service message for anyone considering staying at or working for Wyndham. If you play by their rules you will be ostracized and terminated. That is if you won't allow your integrity and your pride to be destroyed. I was counseled for asking women to accompany me on after work recreational outings. And fired for "offending " nearly everyone. A parting shot someone who had at one time posed as my friend gave me was, that I was being let go because "I didn't have a family". In other words, they were calling me a homosexual. Hypocrites for playing both sides of the fence with regard to my relationship interests, and criminal for leaking information to subordinates when their policy is that management doesn't divulge anything related to personnel, that being discipline or discharge details, due to the potential of legal liability for libel and or slander.  (Jun 6, 2014 | post #41)

Branson, MO

Wyndham Resorts in Branson are a criminal enterprise

A public service message for anyone considering staying at or working for Wyndham. If you like working for starvation wages, having policy directed at you that was generated at every level of the corporation in an endless stream, having that policy enforced selectively, and being criticized regarding your work performance every week in an open forum before you are paid the insult they call your wages, having everyone, bosses included, commenting how they will consume illegal drugs when they are on their own personal time, when use of such substances is strictly prohibited by company policy, and patronizing sub human creatures like Fred and Sissy Schreiber, who happen to pose as devout Baptists, Paul Tappani, Jim Nichols, and Mike Glick, who work in various areas of management, while gleaning any information from you they believe challenges their authority, regardless if your complaints focus on egregious deviation from company policy, and then being stabbed in the back by their "team" as Mike Glick would call the Branson Wyndham organization of criminal conspirators for their own personal gain, then by all means, stay as a guest, or if you have a strong stomach, work there.  (May 31, 2014 | post #40)

Branson, MO

BRANSON is the WORST town in the USA!!! OUR VISIT

I checked a link regarding my post related to the acts available in Branson, and I was right on the mark. There are virtually "NO" name acts, and instead virtually "ALL" the live entertainment are tribute acts. Personally, I wouldn't consider paying $50.00 for a seat to a feature performer under most circumstances, much less a bunch of "OBSCURE " people with arguably "LIMITED " talent.  (May 24, 2014 | post #67)

Branson, MO

Wyndham Resorts in Branson are a criminal enterprise

Another public service message for anyone contemplating working for Wyndham. If you have NO BUSINESS ETHICS, then by all means. Paul Tappani and Jim Nichols, head and second in command flunkies respectively, along with their stooge Fred Schreiber from Mt. Vists / Falls, with Mike Glick and Fred's wife Sissy Schreiber, lead maintenance drone and housekeeping robot from Wyndham Meadows, like to classify their company as a "team". Yeah, if you don't mind lip locking everyone above you for essentially no monetary remuneration, dealing with a "do as I say and not as I do work environment where women and minorities are given carte blanche treatment, while the average white male working stiff is forced to adhere to company policy to the letter, and swallow a mouth full of bile everyday since there is no chain of command to protest business actions that aren't proprietary, or you will have a target on your back, and then it is just a matter of time until they railroad you out the door with the pack of pathological liars corroborating their filthy slanderous remarks about you.  (May 24, 2014 | post #39)

Branson, MO

Wyndham Resorts in Branson are a criminal enterprise

Another public service message for anyone deliberating working at Wyndham. Expect managers to undercut you as an hourly employee every way imaginable, since their base pay can be greatly increased by reducing costs below budget projections. In my case, I was cleaning half the carpets at the Mt. Vista / Falls resort, and they decided to pursue the constructive discharge against me by provoking me through reassigning my fellow carpet technician, who is a workers compensation fraud, as a dispatcher, which ended up requiring me to do all the carpets. Add to that the fact that their provocations were systematically done over an extended amount of time, my having been there four years, while the fraud, had only been employed at Wyndham less than a year.  (May 17, 2014 | post #38)

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