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Feb 1, 2013

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FAPD SC Detective Walt Bales Found His Victims On Internet

A detective from the Forest Acres Police Department looked for women on the internet to befriend so they would share naked photographs and videos with him. It appears Detective Bales efforts were endless and women are known to be in Canada, South Africa, the UK and many other destinations as well. He would seek out his victims on chat sites, dating sites, pen-pal sites, forums, sex sites and as many places as he could. It has come to light as someone has taken it upon themselves to expose his behavior on these Topix forums it appears. Some how Bales enticed these women with gifts and promises of marriage among other things. He was able to sweet talk his way into getting these women to perform sexual acts on videos and take still photos for his own carnal urges. Some of his encounters lasted for years. His wife apparently became aware of one of his internet encounters and then it started to become apparent there were many more. According to source, the chief of the FAPD has known for some time about Bales's behavior and had done nothing about it. If there are any other women out there that have fallen prey of Bales's devious and lying games would they please contact the Forest Acres Police Department in South Carolina USA. All calls will be taken in the strictest of confidence and your identity protected.  (Feb 1, 2013 | post #1)

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