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Aug 2, 2012

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Barboursville, WV

greg "cotton"

Well this must be dear sister Krystal....well, well, well... first let me say that you should seriously spell check before pressing submit.... and second I love Greg to dead as a person. But you even admit yourself you do not want your kids exposed to his life style, do you really have any idea how many teenagers and young adults that have started the drug life by Gregs doings... well there are many...way to many... And from what I heard straight the cotton himself was that he is going to be sentenced to 36 months, and he is going to drug court (that's a laugh-ha -ha)which should make his sentence be minimum 17-19 months... that would be awesome for Greg...maybe that would get him off the shit... worth a it not.. 17 months locked up to get the rest of his life back....dont see where that is too bad myself... he said if he would have squealed he would have got out of it all together... he needs to realize that he is getting older and he doesnt own much other than the clothes on his back and if the truth be known, Genia bought those.. you know his someome else stated I have known the entire family for over 20 years too and techincally we are distant related.... Do you know who I am....  (Aug 2, 2012 | post #30)