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Apr 1, 2009

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I just recently turned 22 years old and I am in desperate need of some dental work. Ever since I was a 7 years old I have been living with a hideous chipped tooth and badly crooked teeth. My mother was a single parent with 5 girls to raise since her husband died, although dentist work was mandatory, it was simply not affordable. So here I am at 22 with teeth that are in such bad shape, it effects my self-esteem. Now that my wisdoms are coming in they are making my teeth even more crooked and I am experiencing severe pain from them pushing through. I am a current student and only have a part -time job that dosent even cover my monthly bills. I am tired of living my life covering my teeth, the insecurity that it has on me is depressing. I just want to be able to smile, actually smile, like everyone else. Please any dentist out there, I JUST WANT TO SMILE. Please help me. [email protected]  (Apr 1, 2009 | post #16)