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Mar 24, 2013

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I need Credit Score and Cell Phone Bill advice/help -___-

Let me start off by saying that this is my first time ever one these forums, i just signed up a few minutes ago so just wanted to say HI! and thanks for taking a look lol Ok,so i've had tmobile for the longest( almost 4 years but i changed contract in between so im coming up on my "2 year" upgrade 5/16/13. I've had nothing but problems with them, they are always over charging me and rather than say anything i've always just payed it. I have unlimited everything yet somehow my bills are pretty high, especially when the $50 no contract plan is basically the same damn thing and i rarely text/use my phone other than when i go on youtube or google. Ok,let me get to the point.. Here is my billing history.. Mar 02, 2013 $265.54 Feb 02, 2013 $144.52 Jan 02, 2013 $265.73 Dec 02, 2012 $144.71 Nov 02, 2012 $274.39 Oct 02, 2012 $229.51 Sep 02, 2012 $224.39 Aug 02, 2012 $123.21 Jul 02, 2012 $202.19 Jun 02, 2012 $101.18 May 02, 2012 $199.68 Apr 02, 2012 $99.84 When i do call, they come up with some damn BS excuse every time..this time i refuse to pay it and my phone has been off for almost 3 weeks..i kind of need my phone for work so its extremely annoying. If i just do not pay it, will it affect my credit eventually? Should i pay it and then wait until my 2 years then leave? Should i just get a new no contract phone ASAP today or tomorrow so that i can have a phone again? Any advice would be greatly appreciated, sorry for making it pretty long As far as Credit advice, i have NO credit but i have a collection agency listed on my credit reports from a supposed debt i owed back in 2006 (sold my car + cancelled my insurance, they continued to bill me for 3 more months after and tried to make me pay $750) so i declined because i did not owe them it was their mistake. I can't get a credit card for the life of me, its bad enough that i have no credit but a collection agency being listed on there makes it even worse. How do i handle these issues in a way that would not affect my credit score in a negative way? Any advice on how i should start trying to make my score better? I'm sure i've been grammatically incorrect, i'm super tired so ignore the lack of effort put forth.  (Mar 24, 2013 | post #1)