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Feb 14, 2008

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sites for real Roch roaccutane???

Day 6 and my lips and skin are definately starting to dry up. I'm certain this is the real stuff, its acting just like my previous course. I recommend it.  (Feb 16, 2008 | post #38)

best online accutane pharmacy

pmcrhlt has been blanketing these sites with offers to put people in touch 'with the right people'. I would be very wary of this scam. I recently got my roaccutane in generic form, Tretiva, from www.quality 60x20mg tablets were $109, which is about standard across the sites. The tablets came from India, and took about 2 weeks to the UK. No customs issues. Small enough to fit in through the letterbox, so no need to wait in or go to the collection depot. This is my second course, last one 6 years ago, but I'm very familiar with its effects, and this stuff is working perfectly, I am 100% certain it is the genuine article. The packets in which it came are appropriately labelled, and i researched the drug company, and the appearance of the tablets etc. I'm happy to recommend it. I was desperatly anxious that I might either receive nothing or a load of sugar pills, so would like to reassure anyone with similar concerns that tretiva from this site at least, is the real deal. There is no difference in effect from Roche or generic tretinoin by the way. Same drug, less expensive marketing. Good luck.  (Feb 16, 2008 | post #44)