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Jul 9, 2012

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Jasper, GA

Does Big Canoe allow Negroes?

Why do Black Americans want to be called African Americans? Whites don't want to be called English Americans or Irish Americans. Why not just an American. I am 50 and I have heard people of color in my life want to be called Negros. Then Colored. Then Black and now African American. Why would any black person want to have anything to do with Africa?  (Jan 13, 2013 | post #34)

Jasper, GA

Lawson Chevrolet

Can somebody please tell me if what I heard about the Laweon family is true. This is the group that lived off of the fathers car dealership and they had to sell it because they were losing millions. I hear the son (Al) was as sorry as it gets and was a real SOB. I don't know if this is true but I also heard they owed money to most of the back in the area. Can someone tell me all about this?  (Dec 19, 2012 | post #1)

Chatsworth, GA

Christian Heritage vs.Murray County

I will say I havent been to a game in 15 years. Here is my point. When you are getting your ass handed to you every week by at least 50 points there shouldnt be a single player that did fet at least one quarter of playing time. What difference does it make if you get beat by 50 points or 70 points? The fathers of the players not getting in the game should go to the sideline and beat the hell out of the SOB that calls himself a coach. EVERY PLAYER SHOULD BE PLAYING ON THIS PATHETIC TEAM.  (Sep 10, 2012 | post #46)

Jasper, GA

AW Lawson fr om Lawson Chevrolet

Does anybody know is AW Lawson is going bankrupt? I heard he was and I think he owes most of the banks around a lot of money on property that he and Lee Mullins bought and they cant pay for. I know he had to sell the Chevrolet dealership because that idiot son of his ran it into the ground. I bet his entire family are having a hard time time because they were all sucking money out of the dealership and now for the first time in their life they are going to have to get a real job.  (Sep 5, 2012 | post #1)

Jasper, GA

gay cruising at 515 scenic overlook

Maybe the sherriff is a queer  (Aug 29, 2012 | post #2)

Chatsworth, GA

Brittny Pittman

I don't know her at all but I heard she would spread her legs like peanut butter.  (Aug 13, 2012 | post #1)

Chatsworth, GA

High Gas Obama's fault

Brer Rabbit You are one of the stupid idiots at probably think thre are WMD's in Iraq. The mess that was handed to Obama is something it will take 20 years to recover from. Also to show how stupid you are you refer to him as Barry and you probably dont think he was born in HI either. Well the Republican Gov of HI certified his birth certificate. I can tell idiots like you in a hurry and I bet you listen to the ole Pain killer taking drug abuser Rush Limbaugh too dont you.  (Aug 13, 2012 | post #2)

Jasper, GA

Lawson Chevrolet and Jasper were connected

It does not suprise me that jasper bank when under because they were tied to Lawson Chevrolet and Al Lawson ran it into the ground and is daddy AW Lawson was one of the big wigs in the back so I guess they lost millions also.  (Jul 28, 2012 | post #1)

Canton, GA

Lawson Chevrolet Lost Millions

If what I was told is correct the old Lawson turn everything over to his idiot son Al and he is about a low as pond scum and the business took a nose dive. I heard his sister that works at the bank came to the dealership and cussed Al and Ann like their asses needed to be cussed. They was forced to sell to Day Chevrolet and I heard they got less than a million for everything. Al and his daddy have a body shop but again Al is so stupid he don't have enough sense to get out of the rain so the body shop won't last long. I also hear that AW Lawson and Lee Mullins lost there asses and owe banks for land everywhere and they may lose everything.  (Jul 13, 2012 | post #1)

White, GA

Gun Control - White, GA

why  (Jul 13, 2012 | post #2)

Chatsworth, GA


does anybody know where to find good prostitues at in Murray County? I get the need sometime and i could use one.  (Jul 12, 2012 | post #1)

Calhoun, GA

Nance Carpet cited for exposing employees to amputation, ...

There is a lot going at at Nance Carpet other that illegal mexicams. Lots of other illegal activity and i have the proof and i am going to expose them.  (Jul 11, 2012 | post #5)

Chatsworth, GA

George W Bush Lied to us All

If the economyy was destroyed on 9/11/01 then it was on George WBush watch. The supreme court like any court does not write and re write anything. They decide what is before them. Also because of GWB the US Troops were in Iraq almost twice as long as WWII lasted.  (Jul 10, 2012 | post #15)

Chatsworth, GA

George W Bush Lied to us All

Obama said he would bring the troops home from Iraq and he did. Obama said he would get the healthcare bill passed and he did. The United Supreme Court said it is legal. I am so glad that the deciding vote on the supreme court was a Bush appointee in John Roberts. Obama said he would capture Osama Bin Laden and he did. All Bush did was lie about everything and destroy the good economy that Bill Clinton handed him. Obama took office with everything in a total mess.  (Jul 10, 2012 | post #13)

Chatsworth, GA

George W Bush Lied to us All

I am still waiting on the WMD's that GWB promised. We spent a trillion in Iraq and they keep telling the idiot there were no WMD's there. Remember When Colin Powell when the the United Nations with his posters and said we know where they are and I have the photos to prove it. Well I am still waiting for the proof and now Colin Powell hates GWB also for making him look like an idiot.  (Jul 9, 2012 | post #1)