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Mar 6, 2013

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Legalize Incest

I certainly HOPE this topic is a joke because its freaking REVOLTING!!!  (Mar 6, 2013 | post #26)


Only cowards need guns

It hasnt hapened-YET(as far as I know-lol!) And I pray to GOD it NEVER does!  (Mar 6, 2013 | post #4597)


Only cowards need guns

My problem with your reasoning, African_shadows, is that GUNS actually DO NOT KILL PEOPLE, people with guns AND malicious intent kill people. And, if you make guns illegal to own, then only the people who commit crimes will have guns. Those people-criminals- will be able to(and WILL!) find and acquire these guns and because they are criminals- I assume they will commit crimes, and now they are armed! A person "obeying " the "law" (if guns were made illegal) would then be totally defenceless against these criminals and their crimes. This IS an old argument and has been said again and again BUT the reason it keeps being said again and again is because YOU CANNOT ESCAPE THE LOGIC OF THIS REASONONG! It would be WONDERFUL to KNOW that if guns were made illegal for a citizen to own, then these gun crimes would CEASE TO EXIST, however, THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN! A very good comparison would be the fact that DRUGS ARE ILLEGAL. We ALL know that drugs ARE illegal but so far-and forever Im afraid, the "war on drugs" is NOT WINNING! Just because you make something illegal DOES NOT mean that it will not happen anymore. It ONLY means that you have now created even BIGGER PROBLEMS. You would now have law-abiding citizens who would NEVER hurt ANYONE maliciously, become outlaws, causing COUNTLESS problems in and of itself. But, you would ALSO create an "under-ground " of sorts, hiking up the price of guns and we all know how supply and demand works. These are to name just a couple of VERY FORESEEABLE problems now with your reasoning. Yours and MANY others. THIS IS AMERICA however and we are ALL FREE TO DISAGREE! : ) I would GREATLY appreciate any comments YOU may have debating MY reasoning. I havent heard ANY yet that has been able to change my mind and NOT out of stubberness but simply the fact that everything I have said IS TRUE and WOULD HAPPEN!  (Mar 6, 2013 | post #4595)


Only cowards need guns

I HAD to give ya PROPS for your comment to me friend! Im not sure if it was intended to be an insult but I wont take it as one. I would protect you or anyone else that needed help if they were being threatened with violence. I would like to think that MOST people would come to someones aid/defence if needed. Sadly, I know that is not always the case though. :( I may have come across as a bit harsh after re-reading my comment to you. I meant no insult-I assure you of that. I do get a little- ( ;) ) lets say-"excited " about gun issues, especially lately with all the controvercy of the subject and so many people, our "PREZ" included, thinking that disarmng the American citizen is the answer. I obviously DO NOT AGREE, but that IS one of the things that makes America so great, in my opinion of course -our FREEDOMS!  (Mar 6, 2013 | post #4590)

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