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Apr 14, 2007

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Ecuador Wants Foreign Military Bases Out

Well golly gee. They only have one valid occupant, being the U.S. at Manta, and of course, the U.S. will leave when the lease is up. I hope they have the forsight to bulldoze all the U.S. built edifices so as to leave them useless. Now having passed such a law, we would take that to mean that Chavez will not have access to Manta in the future, and of course, the FARC are now to be banned from establishing rest and recuperation camps and staging camps on Ecuadorian territory. That be so Sr. Correa? Are you listening?  (Apr 6, 2008 | post #1)

COLOMBIA-ECUADOR: Colombians demand reparations for 2001 ...

This article has been sitting here since the 29th of March, yet none has commented on the fact that Ecuador made a helicopter assault on Colombian loggers operating in Colombia in 2001. Sadly, Colombia did not make as much of an issue of this unprovoked attack on unarmed civilians as Ecuador did of a FARC encampment on Ecuadorian territory and sponsored by their government, in itself aq violation of International Law. What´s wrong with this picture?  (Apr 6, 2008 | post #1)

Ecuador rescues 3 Colombian rebels hurt in attack

Diego, your view is racist and demented. The U.S. has all but ignored Latin America since 2001. It sounds like you are crying out for help from the U.S., but like a "niño consentido" who doesn´t understand his own warped emotions. Your view of Colombia is no better, the only thing missing was the word "oligarcas " used by the communists to demean whoever is in power who is not them. Colombia is more united against FARC than ever, and it is one of the most productive economies in Latin America. Now that is what really has Chavez and Correa upset, because they don´t want Colombia to be a success, they want it to fail politically and economically, which is why they are backing the FARC. An attitude similar to your own, but more dangerous because of who they are backing. Look at your own country, Ecuador. They complain of the partidocracia of the past, yet what Correa is doing IS partidocracia, but that´s ok because it´s his partidocracia, and now there´s only one party, effectively. The president is dictating the new constitution to his handpicked assemblea- the law will be his law. In otherwords, you´ve traded one group of elites with substantial power, for a single elite group with absolute power, in the belief that they represent your ideas. Just wait until you have an idea that diverges from Correas. Just wait until you want to exercise the new rights you have under the Correas socialismo del siglo XXI. Just wait until you find out it´s all a scheme and a scam against the Ecuadorian people.  (Apr 6, 2008 | post #22)

Ecuador-Colombia Links Still on Ice

It is agreed that, although the man in the photo resembles Larrea, that it is not Larrea, but the resemblance makes it an honest mistake. What is not mistaken is the admission by Larrea that he has met with Reyes on several occasions, although he has not specified where. His reluctance to state where is understandable, as if it were in Colombia, then Larrea would be guilty of violating Colombian sovereignty, and if it were in Santa Rosa, Secumbios, it would then be obvious that the Ecuadorian government was aware of the encampment, and finally, if it were in Quito, it becomes apparent that the Correa government has extended relations with FARC. In any case, the fact that Larrea carried out the meetings with Reyes in secret certainly gives the illusion of a clandestine relationship with FARC. All this is a smoke screen to cover their own guilt and complicity. When the authenticity of the hard drives on the computers is announced, how will Correa cover himself and Larrea? That's a tough one.  (Mar 24, 2008 | post #1)

A message for Mexicans in America

LA POCHO, let's talk about history. To begin with Mexico was neutral during WWII. When the U.S. and Mexico signed the Treaty of Hidalgo, the entire soutwest obtained had less than 40 thousand population, and the price paid was decried in the U.S. as exhorbitant. But, it was bought and paid for. Sparse settlements of Spaniards, and native americans were predominant. Most of the Mexican settlements were in the former Spanish settlements of California. Indigenous "Mexicans " did not move that far north, the northernmost being the Yaqui in Baja up to California. Your history is mostly a case of amnesia. This is not even the issue today. It has nothing to do with race, it has to do with the strain on our economy trying to provide social services to people who are not even supposed to be here. My wife and I have sponsored 2 families(relations ) for residency, and we waited 10 years for final approval, signed personal guarantees for all of them stating we were responsible and that we would repay any funds given in public assistance. They're all residents now, and supporting them-selves quite well. Arizona, on the otherhand, is nearly bankrupt trying to provide social services for the illegal immigrants, who claim it as a birthright. Of course, this is convenient for Mexico, as we are supporting the lower classes that would be a thorn in their side if they stay home and become "unsatisfied masses" and plant the seeds of revolution. The U.S is being used as an pressure valve for Mexico's future security, and of course, to keep the 80,000 Mexican millionaires from having to pay taxes to cover social services. Pochito, do you know what the immigration laws are in Mexico? If our laws were the same as Mexico's, the world would really be in an uproar. On the otherhand, who wants to live there?  (Mar 21, 2008 | post #3137)

A message for Mexicans in America

Okbuilder, Osiyo tsa la gi yi! Bayarea, I, and most Americans, have no quarrel with legal immigrants. I've sponsored 5 myself, waiting the 10 long years it takes to get them here. My wife and I signed guarantees that they would not rely on public assistance, nor have a criminal background. I like it that way. Arizona is almost bankrupt dealing with welfare, health care, and crime rates amongst ILLEGAL aliens. That's what it's all about, and the fact that Mexico is asking us to provide welfare for people they don't want to be responsible for. Nothing just or fair about that.  (Mar 20, 2008 | post #2972)

Ecuador Defense Minister Denies Claims of FARC Haven

I think Michelle is right. The U.S. has been ignoring what's happening in Latin American since 9/11, and the Bush administration doesn't have time or really care that much about Latin American. So maybe all this "revolution " against the gringos, and "yanqui imperialist" crap is a cry for help? Think about the psyschology of it. If one's failure to pay attention to another becomes oppressive in the mind of the the ignored party, what else could it be? Should the U.S. throw money to Latin Amemrican countries? Should the U.S. support the likes of Chavez? (Idon't think so, he's Latin America's worst enemy, not the U.S's). Tells us how you really feel, Chalo, what do you want? Besides hate, that is.  (Mar 19, 2008 | post #5)

Ecuador Defense Minister Denies Claims of FARC Haven

Of course Correa doesn't support FARC, just like Chavez doesn't. Just a lot of coincidences, like,- Gustavo Larrea showed up at Sta Rosa by accident, he was really on an ecotour. The FARC at Sta. Rosa had Ecuadorian uniforms because of some glitch in the system, pure coincidence. FARC wasn't supporting Correa when they sent the $20 thousand, it was for future ecotours. The foreign (Mexican and Chilean) communist party members who were attending the international forum in Quito were also on an ecotour at Sta. Rosa. They were in uniform because it was chic. They were studying to be ecologists. The guns were for protection against big mice. Miss Calle of Alianza Pais wasn't part of the Communist forum in Quito, she said so. The pictures of her with the organizers and her signature as an Ecuadorian representative were just one of those inexplicable coincidences, just like Raul Reyes just happened to be in Quito and at the forum, seemingly covert, since no one caught him. And of course, Huguito,(Chavez) sent the $300 million to FARC in exchange for 3 hostages, not for the purpose of supporting them. And the moment of silence for the downed at Sta Rosa was out of his humanitarian love for fellow man, not to be intepreted as support for FARC. And of course, When Raul Reyes went to Romania in January to buy nuclear material, he traveled with his Venezuelan passport, since he had also become a Venezuelan citizen, and Chavez knew nothing about that. So many misunderstandings. Some of our illustrius characters from the past have also been misunderstood, like Ghengis Khan, Attila the Hun, the Vikings. More modern persons such as Josef Stalin have also been misunderstood. He only killed 20 million Russians. For Pete's sake, another great marxist, Maok, killed more Chinese people than that!  (Mar 18, 2008 | post #2)

Mexico says two citizens may have died in Colombia raid o...

I'd call Mexicano compadre, hermano, or cuate. Here you are again, raging about the yanquis you want to kick out of Latin America, including those to which they've been welcomed by the nationals, and at the same time, you want to kick the yanquis out of the United States too. Not just racist, but a little psychotic too. If Mexicano agreed with FOX, no doubt FOX would call him a great Latino. You are really desperate to silence the opposition, just like Correa and Chavez, et al. I recall one proposal of Aztlan was to reestablish the Aztec culture (which never reach as far north as the Rio Grande). Where to start... may human sacrifice? Wonderful  (Mar 9, 2008 | post #4)

Colombia must be condemned for 'outrage': Ecuadorian pres...

I wouldn't expect to have credibility with you or people in your camp, and I don't really care. My job was teaching passive security measures for asset protection to a private Colombian company. That means perimeter security, video systems, internal seurity procedures and control. Nothing belicose about that. Try reading a Colombian newspaper if you want to see how Colombians feel,- Don't even attempt to tell me to be quiet, the dangerous people are the ones carrying Ak-47's and commiting murders, kidnappings on a wholesale basis. If you watched the Santo Domingo "cumbre" on Colombian television and saw the discrepancies (lies) coming from Correa, and still talk the same afterwards, then you are one more FARC, and I have no regard or respect for you at all.  (Mar 9, 2008 | post #12)

Colombia must be condemned for 'outrage': Ecuadorian pres...

Vang, you are up on cloud 9 with Chavez, Correa and the rest of them. Socialism is a euphemism for communism, the same way communists in this country morphed into leftist, then socialists, then progressives... They change the name every time people figure out they're the same thing. On top of that, you spout party line crap but don't really have a clue. I've got more time in Latin America than you've probably been alive, and there you are a minority. Latin Americans are not as gullible as they were 50 years ago, and they're not buying Chavez and his crap. He will be out within 2 years, rejected by his own people.  (Mar 7, 2008 | post #10)

Colombia must be condemned for 'outrage': Ecuadorian pres...

Fried (brains), I am proud of the work I did there for a private company. The paramilitaries are not an issue any longer, and haven't been for several years, they don't exist. They were considered a threat as much as FARC and the gtovernment put and end to them. As I said earlier, I was impressed with the restraint shown by Colombian police and military, while FARC ravaged the country and the people. You've been reading too much communist propaganda.  (Mar 7, 2008 | post #8)

Three FARC members to stand trial in Ecuador

Vills, no eres el único latino aqui, ni eres vocero de todos los latinos. ¿Crees que por el hecho de que eres latino que vas a dar una imagen legítima a sus conceptos pudridos? ?Cuántos millones de colombianos hay que no están de acuerdo contigo? No creo que les convences, asi que tendrás que tomar el mismo camino que la FARC, hacer guerra para conquistar. You, and Vangelist, write as if you were taking dictation from FARC, from Caracas, from Havana. You always gravitate to the same vitriolic diatribes damning the "gringos " who don't even have a dog in this fight. Not yet, anyway. When 85% of the Colombian people support Uribe and the incursion into Ecuador, when the evidence clearly shows the logistical support by Ecuador and Venezuela, an obvious threat and act of war against Colombia, and you chose to follow the communist dogma, you are in the same category as FARC. What are you going to say when the computers are analyzed by Interpol, and the files are proven to be "fidedignos ", the real thing?  (Mar 7, 2008 | post #13)

Three FARC members to stand trial in Ecuador

Having trained security personnel in Colombia on several occasions during the last 10 years, I've been impressed with the restraint the Colombians, especially the military, have shown in dealing with civilians, and avoiding the carrying out actions that may cause some doubt as to whether or not it may be rational, or better said, politically correct. They're nobody's lap dogs, and by the time all the details come out of those computers, the world will see who is and who isn't a terrorist. I can promise you, it's not the Colombian government. Now that Uribe has taken an aggresive attitude towards FARC, he has 85% support, and 83% support his incursion into Ecuador. Chavez is lucky if he can pull 20%, according to information that came from friends in Venezuela, not some "book." Anything else you;ve got to say, knock yourself out.  (Mar 6, 2008 | post #6)

Ecuador's security minister proposes multilateral force t...

And just who would participate in the multilateral force? No doubt Venezuela and Ecuador would be at the vanguard. This is like having the fox guard the henhouse with a license to kill. This would put an end to the integrity of Colombias borders. Furthermore, in view of past performances of multinational forces as peacekeepers, the situation will probably be aggravated further, not controlled. This is a pretty transparent attempt by Correa to have a legitimate foothold in Colombia, and doubtless, Chavez would be happy to share the responsibility. I don't really think I would go for that, no sir, if my neighbor is my aggressor, I certainly don't want him on my side of the fence.  (Mar 6, 2008 | post #1)

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