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Oct 23, 2013

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Creating a 'climate change garden'

That's why Doug Rawlinson from Goulburn, in south-east New South Wales, has created a garden with a difference. He calls it his "climate change garden". "I've been in the horticulture industry for many many years and I've looked at the changes and as far as climate change goes, no one can really know what's going to happen," he said. "Except I can definitely say there's extremes now." The southern tablelands of New South Wales can be cold and windy, with very hot days in summer. Mr Rawlinson says he's creating a garden that can cope with more extreme changes. More info: http://xevereneas.  (Nov 27, 2013 | post #1)

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What makes us different?

ORG is a peace and security think tank or NGO (non-governmental organisation). Like all think-tanks we do analysis and reports that attempts to propose new policy solutions. We provide a meeting ground where establishment and more radical ideas can cross-fertilise. It is about getting new and more sustainable thinking taken up and incorporated within the establishment. We work to address the toughest security questions using detailed research and drawing on deep understanding of how human beings behave. “No-one else,” says ORG’s founder Dr Scilla Elworthy, “puts such a priority on this combination of political analysis and understanding of human behaviour. The results are original insights into what is possible.” Our team combines detailed and interdisciplinary knowledge of global security issues together with a deep understanding of political decision-making, and many years of expertise in facilitating constructive dialogue. As well as being a think-tank we also foster good practice, for example, in the recording of every casualty in armed conflicts, working with a global network of fellow practitioners. The aim in all our work is to push for change. Our International Practitioners Network aims to create a set of common standards. Our legal team works on the legal issues. All this is developed to influence policy, the military, the judiciary and humanitarian organisations. Our work on sustainable security also involves establishing a network of security specialists in the Global South both as a means of informing our work engaging with policy-makers and to work with them to be heard on issues such the implications for security policy of climate change. We also have years of experience on fostering dialogue in focussed and structured and empathic ways. This can range from events focusing at fostering a culture of strategic thinking in Government to dialogue engaging those involved in the most difficult political disputes. http://www.oxfordr k/about/difference  (Oct 23, 2013 | post #1)