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Oct 16, 2012

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Aquaculture Company to Bring New Jobs to Orange County - ...

Hello Friends, When most folks think of Orange County agriculture, they think of corn and cows. Now, they can add fish to the county¬ís agricultural line-up. The Orange County facility will have greenhouses for the company¬ís hydroponic and aquaponic systems. Hydroponics is the method of growing plants where the roots are submersed in a nutrient solution, rather that soil, allowing them to grow quicker, healthier and stronger. Aquaculture is the method of growing seafood in tanks or ponds. Putting both together in one system creates aquaponics, which is utilized when freshwater seafood and certain vegetation is grown within the same environment. Crisper Products uses all three methods. Thanks and Regards, Donald Martin  (Nov 13, 2012 | post #3)


Jobs That Work With Sea Animals:

Hello Friends, Some of the jobs in sea are:- Marine Animal Trainer: Marine animal trainers utilize research from several fields such as oceanography, marine biology, anatomy, physiology and ecology to train marine animals such as whales, dolphins, sea lions, walruses and seals. They teach them to entertain in shows and interactive programs using "operate conditioning" or positive reinforcement. Other responsibilities include managing the well-being of the animals (for example, monitoring their food consumption and habitats). For educational requirements, sometimes only a high school diploma is necessary but an associate or a bachelor degree in any of the fields listed above is required in most cases. Experience working with and caring for animals is important as well. On average, entry level positions start off at around $20,000 a year. With more experience and education, employers pay up to $40,000 annually. Aquarist: Aquarists educate visitors of aquariums regarding the fish, amphibians and mammals located there. They also feed them, observe their behaviors, clean their tanks and help treat any diseases. Aquarists also assist in giving tours and collecting species for exhibits. Most are team-oriented people skilled in communication and research. Educational requirements include a bachelor's degree in biology or environmental engineering or experience as a veterinary assistant or technician. The average annual income is $51,500. Thanks and Regards, Donald Martin  (Nov 5, 2012 | post #1)

Newbie join here!

Hello everyone, Myself Donald Martin, a very new member to this forum. I have a special interest in Jobs At Sea, Jobs In Marine I found this forum very informative and I am really very excited here to take part in discussions. Hope you will contribute your ideas and support me. Best regards Donald Martin  (Oct 16, 2012 | post #1)