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Nov 16, 2013

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Tucson, AZ

ANR ABF Adult Nursing Relationship

I saw this topic in the Houston Topix Forum and noticed it's getting nearly 100 pages of posts per year not only from locals in Houston but from ABF lovers in other U.S. Cities and from ABF lovers from other Countries all over the world. If starting this topic in Tucson turns out to be a dud please take a look in the Houston Forum under the same subject heading or google ABF or ANR to learn more. A year ago I had never considered ABF as a "type" or category of relationship except to say I've always naturally enjoyed including at least a small amount of it in my exclusive intimate relationships. To discover there are actually women who enjoy ABF as much as I do is very exciting because for me it's such a beautiful way to bond and deeply connect. So nice to hear I'm not alone in this admiration and enjoyable practice. I don't know if Tucson has a population large enough to get this Forum started as a meeting place of those sharing this common interest. I hope this forum can become a place where singles in Tucson can meet to start new loving relationships since the mainstream dating websites do not cater to ANR or ABF enthusiasts. I'm a tall handsome man in my mid 50's athletic and fit looking for someone I am attracted to (any age) for mutual enjoyment and fun; any size dry or producing but the larger the better.  (Nov 16, 2013 | post #1)