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Feb 1, 2013

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Pancreatic Cancer

Missouri attorney sues Mayo Clinic for malpractice

Medical and psych history was illegally accessed by an employee at Mayo's ED and patient was notified after they fired this employee after their 6 month audit and then take 4 months to tell them and the other 13 patients. The fact that most of these records are psych records and the patients are Mentally Ill makes it all the worse. If you come back and complain about anything they can just treat you like you are crazy and it's all in your head (when you get another test(CT) result from another hospital and the tests are completely different, don't tell the Mayo they'll just say they thought of that but was "Pretty" sure it wasn't) and because of that they(pdocs) have the power to put you in their lovely Generose when there was no reason to begin with. All because you make a fuss about your now record,(They make it confidential)(It can harm the patient-doctor relationship)Think that something is up with the fact that they made this patients record confidential 2 ½ months before they got the notice to the patient?? They get away with murder, directly or indirectly, Patient lives in this state, has to get care here at Mayo and in this state. Want to say screwed...? I don't get why a lawyer that has evidence in their hands given to them plain as day won’t stand up and fight for the little guy. Talk about paranoia when you weren’t before..! Mayo can hire anyone to hurt you and your family. I once told a police offer in this town after making a report about someone (they are indirectly involved with Mayo and the police dept) charges were never even thought about. The person was just talked too. I told this officer I could be murdered, they could have a video of it with the persons face on it and they would get away with it. Welcome to the MAYO CLINIC.  (Apr 17, 2013 | post #21)

Rochester, MN

Suicide leap off bridge closes U.S. 52 on Monday

Does anyone know who this guys pdoc was? Were they a mayo resident? where can I find the aticle of this death? ANyoe knew what happend with this case or the doc? the pdocs have to take time off after ths kind of thing?  (Feb 1, 2013 | post #8)