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Jul 16, 2008

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The bitter fruit of Obama's deal with Cuba's apartheid...

Cuba will be free with a DEMOCRACY, and CAPITALIST businesses, soon now that fidel is DEAD!  (Tuesday | post #3)


American businesses preparing to flood Cuba

The largest terrorist organization are your brothers from ISIS, seconded by the communist/nazi totalitarians  (Tuesday | post #2)


Fidel Castro is DEAD!

Yes mojon, your idol is DEAD  (Tuesday | post #4)


Cuba has an illegal 'Internet' that connects thousands of...

Is that whe you go to feed on his semen, mojon fullAnito?  (Tuesday | post #6)


Fidel Castro writes statement on shift in Cuba-US relations

the TRUTH, like it or not  (Tuesday | post #4)


Pinellas' Long, Morroni, Hibbard and Susan Latvala return...

this is all it is ready to capitalize on the potential for business  (Tuesday | post #2)


Fidel Castro is DEAD!

And don't let the communist controlled Cuban press tell you otherwise! . DEAD! ' ' ' FIDEL IS DEAD!. . . D E A D !  (Tuesday | post #1)


Cuba has an illegal 'Internet' that connects thousands of...

Some have argued that Internet access is now a human right but you wonít hear such poppycock in Cuba. With home Internet connectivity reserved for a select few and public Internet cafes and hotels charging roughly a quarter of a monthís salary for just an hour of web time, itís simply impossible for most to use a service that the majority of us take for granted. In its absence, however, young Cubans have come up with their own solution. Since 2001, these rebels have created a homegrown version of the Internet called SNet, short for streetnet. Located in Havana, SNet consists of roughly 9,000 computers connected over a piecemeal network of hidden Wi-Fi antennas and Ethernet cables, some of which are strung over rooftops and city streets. Itís not the real Internet but you may not even notice at first as hundreds can be found playing Call of Duty or World of Warcraft at any given time. Chat rooms are also popular as people enjoy trading photos, telling jokes and even organizing real-world events. Because using Wi-Fi equipment without a license in Cuba is illegal, SNet is technically an illegal operation. But those that helped build the network Ė like 22-year-old Antonio Broche Moreno Ė say the government is aware of its existence. So long as users respect Cuban law, it is permitted. The service is more or less self-governed by volunteer administrators to make sure everything is on the up and up. Its users arenít allowed to share pornography, discuss politics or link to the real Internet. Those that donít abide by the rules are banned from the network. SO ONCE AGAIN THE DICTATORSHIP CENSORS FREE SPEECH. . . BUT NOW WITH VISITORS FLOODING THE ISLAND.....PEOPLE WILL LEARN TO DREAM ABOUT BEING FREE, As Martin Luther King Jr said: I have a Dream!  (Tuesday | post #1)


The bitter fruit of Obama's deal with Cuba's apartheid...

The Cuban people continue to be force-fed the bitter fruit of President Obama's appeasement of Cuba's vicious and repressive apartheid regime. Cuban human rights activist and democracy leader Ivan Herandez Carrillo tweeted yesterday the news that 13 members of the Ladies in White, peaceful female activists related to political prisoners in Cuba who march in silent protest every Sunday after attending church services, were arrested by Cuban State Security agents: #Cuba Berta Soler me informo q ayer en la manana al menos 13 @DamasdBlanco fueron arrestadas, 4 en La Habana, 4 en Holguin y 5 en Granma. READ THE ARTICLE! . . KUDOS TO THE AUTHOR! A SUPERB, MUST READ ARTICLE!  (Tuesday | post #1)


Retired generals say Cheneys are scaremongering over Guan...

The moros (moors) were so dumb that a dead man conquered and beat them. EL CID, the Champion! . Hence moron, which means "like a moor" referring to their stupidity.  (Tuesday | post #112)


Retired generals say Cheneys are scaremongering over Guan...

the moronic moor! . the word "moron" means "dump as a MOOR" from the Latin moro, means moor-like, referring to dumb like a moor  (Tuesday | post #111)


American Express To Cuba - Si !!!

YES! Capitalism shall REIGN in Cuba, once again! . . CUBANS WILL DREAM OF BEING FREE LIKE THE VISITORS!  (Tuesday | post #2)


The real story behind Alan Gross's work in Cuba

TERRORIST! Stop twisting the truth and coniving!  (Tuesday | post #4)


US and Cuba move to normalize ties, open embassy

YES! we are going to INVADE the island with our IDEOLOGY! Cubans wlll ay I HAVE A DREAM, A DREAM OF BEING FREE LIKE OUR VISITORS!  (Tuesday | post #756)


Business Highlights

Like Martin LutherJr,said "I have a Dream" And Elvis 'The King"sang: "If I can dream" Life is but a dream, and in life dreams become reality. Every accomplishment started as a dream. . Better, much better me than you, TERRORIST!  (Tuesday | post #4)

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