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Apr 7, 2013

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Dodge Raider

87 Raider for sale

Have 87 Dodge Raider for sale. $2700.00 Pics if requested are available. 4 cylinder, @ 160k 5 speed new tires good paint good interior factory AC floors coated with bed liner 4x4 Have 3 or 4 small items such as hazard switch needing replacement, rear gate ele lock switch needs replacing, radio needs to be installed/anchored . When warm runs great. When cold it revs up to 1700. In my opinion too high. Carb needs work? At stop lights and stop signs when it's warm, it idles @ 900 but is a bit shaky. I'm told the mikuni is the problem. Looking for a replacement for it but have not found good source.  (Dec 31, 2014 | post #1)

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Prove there's a god.

I don't rely on a single bible if you call the Tanakh a bible. I have access to many ancient scriptures that were translated centuries ago and verified in later years. I'm not a Jew I'm just a believer in something greater that I. Humans call it God, whatever. The KJV has been around for a long time but even it was not allowed to have within it many documents that are in my opinion relevant. I believe the Duoay Rehims was the one the catholic church went by. The gospel by Mary, the gospel by Thomas, several books that were not allowed in it, the codex, and so on. I have read a lot, not able to tell anyone that I know it all or even a lot about it. But, my point has always been that I was raised a christian via Catholic teachings and @ 40 I realized that there was something wrong with it and most every other 'man made religion' out there so I started reading. To see a great nation like America (at least we used to be great) base it's beliefs on a religious system that is quite actually flawed to the point that you have to say it's full of lies men told, makes you wonder what in the hell the founding fathers really were. I just keep reading, and re-read and make or take notes to refer to once in a while and it seems it comes back to the same thing, none of this is real. There is no real religion that God believes in. There are Jews and Gentiles and that's it. All of these 40,000 different christian denominations are just lies it seems. Kinda sad to see so many people become angered, hateful, killing, and such over man made religions. Just sad and stupid. They are going to have an eye opening one day I believe?  (Nov 20, 2014 | post #805100)

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Prove there's a god.

Just look around and try to answer how did this all come about? It has been said that it's as likely for this world and we humans to 'just happened to come into existence' as it would for a tornado to pass through an automotive junkyard and upon it's leaving the junkyard it had assembled a fully fueled ready to fly 757. Now we can disagree on how many millions or billions of trillions of times it would take for this to happen, even if it could (and it couldn't because there are not the components in an automotive junkyard to make an airplane). So it's really on faith you accept a creator, a divinity, something better than we are. You don't really have to. You can ignore the possibility of a creator and risk being wrong. We have a good idea what will befall you at that point don't we? Or you can believe there is 'something' 'someone' that did in fact create us. If you are right, you'll be rewarded for believing. If you are wrong, what's the hurt? You lived a better life here on earth. It's a win win to believe and a lose lose if you don't and there is a creator. Doc  (Apr 7, 2013 | post #614107)