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Apr 27, 2007


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Q & A with DNF


Judge less, Love more


Born in Newark Ohio


Fort Lauderdale, FL

Local Favorites:

Beach, food, friends, beautiful sunsets and fresh Mangoes and Avocados. I have a tree of each right next to my house.

I Belong To:

Unitarian Universalist Church

When I'm Not on Topix:

I read spend time with my "family" and my cats and dog. My home based business and my part time jobs. My friends and neighbors when they need a hand.

Read My Forum Posts Because:

I make sense and ask hard questions.

I'm Listening To:

my heart and my creator

Read This Book:

if you can read you are in the 30% of adult americans that are functionally literate. So teach someone else how to read not what to read

Favorite Things:

My dog Leyla, cats Tasha and Ms Sebastien. reading, swimming, cooking, music, friends and life. Painting flower pots

On My Mind:

"Belief in something accomplishes more than belief in nothing." me 2/1/15

I Believe In:

Leaving this world in better shape than it was when I got here. God, prayer, angels, science, learning, and true equality like it says in the 14th Amendment. Religious Freedom and Protection as it says in the 1st Amendment. And I believe that more Americans are more intelligent than the politicians give us credit for.