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Jul 3, 2007

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Macon, GA

Police investigate overnight armed robberies and carjacking

I agree Macon is going to hell pretty fast. All of the whites are moving out into the county where it is still safe to walk at night. No surprise they are building the new mall on the white side of town, because the Macon mall is just full of Thugs at night. All of the black thugs around town is the main reason I applied for a concealed weapons permit.  (Jul 10, 2007 | post #2)

Macon, GA

Hip-hop star hits Macon Coliseum tonight

a hiphop icon that cant even sellout the If macon wants to make some money from this place, they need to invite rock n roll bands, they have no problem drawing in the crowds  (Jul 8, 2007 | post #3)

Atlanta, GA

stop the georgia ebt program/credit to poor

I have owned a local cs down here in macon for about 5 years now, and I pretty much know all of our normal customers, and I know their jobs and the such, but it just ticks me off when I see a woman drive up in a Mercedes or BMW, and come in and by about 20 dollars of junk food on a EBT card, then proceed to play about 50 dollars a day in Lottery tickets. This is a problem in the african american community. the georgia ebt program is full of fraud and abuse. Dont get me started on how many people come into my store a day and ask if they can get money off of their ebt card. Guess the dope man doesnt take ebt. And a sorta off topic questions, do you guys know that poor people with credit cards are a factor in high gas prices? Most of my customers doesnt have a bank account, or good credit, and I get about 20 Credit card chargebacks against my account a month from customers who pay with a credit card and just turn around and report the card as stolen. The local police refuse to arrest these criminals, and getting a lawyer isnt worth the time to get my money back.  (Jul 7, 2007 | post #1)

US News

Kansas Rewrites Science Standards Again

actually the bible is 100% accurate when it comes to historical fact. it cant be debunked. your argument is mute and without thought  (Jul 7, 2007 | post #122)

Macon, GA

Time to bail, Macon is imploding.

totally correct, alot of crime goes unreported in macon, either by the media/police or the victims just dont bother calling it in. We had a shooting over on pionono the other night,this one thug shot this other thug over 5 dollars, nothing about it at all on the news.  (Jul 4, 2007 | post #6)