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Dec 6, 2011

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Gainesville, GA

Why we use our money to kill our own jobs

Why in the world do we keep on supporting huge mart and depot stores . They come into our towns and city's and suck the money ,jobs ,hope and life right out and send it to other places.Like China ,Mexico, little rock, where Wal=Mart money goes and so on. Yet we all stand around with this shocked look on our face, where are all our jobs,it used to be easy to find a job ,if you were willing to work.Well now that the small business man is on his back ,service is all but dead and the quality of goods is at an all time low. Its time to wake up ,unless you want to wait around until Wal=Mart and Home Depot and all the grocery stores figure out how to finish the transition to all robots for staff.That way no one will actually have a job in any of those stores, believe me they are working on it.Or we can start shopping small business again, start rebuilding our jobs small company's spend their money locally because, their owners live locally ,hire locally. Small business offer way better service ,quality ,variety and the money stays home. Come on Gainsville, shop mom and pops ,its for our own good ,unless you want your kids to have to catch a boat to China or India to find a job .  (Dec 6, 2011 | post #1)