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Mar 28, 2011

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Prove there's a god.

If this isn't proof why I wasn't killed or Tamasin Day-Lewis of God's existance...what other proof can you have? Actor Daniel Day-Lewis’s Sister Had Terrifying Car Crash And She Did Survive By D.K. Milgrim-Heath©2010 Actor Daniel Day-Lewis’s sister had terrifying car crash and is alive- I do understand this happening with differences I’m also unscathed and did survive. Both our accidents happened but our survival was seen by God/our creator for His worth- Showing yet again defying miracles still happen steadily received still on earth. Driving separately my husband and I to meet together my Mom and Auntie somewhere- Lance never saw what eventually was happening at all to me he wasn’t aware! Being in front of me by many cars as traffic was fully in bloom- So I had my strange accident sparing my life a frightening deathly doom- Myself kidded spun several times needing space away by a approaching truck driver- Scares of both these accidents mentally are with you forever but you’re that survivor. My accident in torrential rain during full expressway traffic of heights rush hours- Skidding in opposite lanes to be surely crashing with cars and all be dead- I closed my eyes my eyes not wanting to see and God had other ideas really instead. A quick final memory of a Greyhound bus on opposite median sides far away from me- Not knowing this meaning as my accident was unfolding what was meant to be. Expecting as well as Tamasin Day-Lewis to be in heaven our why were our lives spared? God had His purpose so we’ll both talk to the world of things unexplained to all- Only God controls defying miracles giving our world a most definitely wake-up call. My car stopped- heavily rains around with no crashes or deaths taking tolls I saw! My car facing another driver across the expressway of an opposite direction before! A man wearing his totally dry Greyhound uniform kindly wondered how really was I? Went from his moving bus with all moving objects directing traffic towards me but why? My only after affect physical reaction being I was alive, no one was hurt and I couldn’t stop shaking - ‘Mr. Greyhound driver’ calmed me down enabling me to turn my car around towards continuing my trip I was taking. Dawning on me later that everything must have stopped in slow motion in front of everyone- Like in movie or TV special effects but this wasn’t imaginary was quite real- People reading this they’ll remember that 1988 torrential day everything stilled if they were near me miraculously that they still feel. I saw nothing as my closed eyes in their reflexive motions begun. No scratches/banged up cars appeared of any kind. That ‘Greyhound bus driver’ was my actual guardian angel I saw ‘in the flesh’ I’ve kept this 23 years earlier incident forever in my mind! This effect I realize with the passage time a day later after my accident- And Tamasin Day–Lewis and I know now what our lives by being spared of death was really meant to be meant.  (Mar 28, 2011 | post #267049)

Dana Point, CA

A Dana Point, CA couple wed at a combined age of 193

When Dancing Are You Romancing With The Music Towards Love By D.K. Milgrim-Heath©2011 When dancing are you romancing with the music towards love? Was on the minds of the world’s oldest ever newlyweds that’s what they thought of! This Dana Point, CA couple wed at a combined age of 193- Beat the previously held other older newlywed title holder with a combined age of 183 previously! They were Harry Corton/ Edna (Holford) of Barnsley, England we note. That the Guinness Book of World Records about wrote. A spry groom Forrest Lunsway being 100 and his spry bride Rose Pollard is 93- After a 28 year courtship that proved their marital fate was meant to be. This newly wedded couple looking better that most for their chronological age- Being keen ballroom dancers met on 12/18/1983 on a community center dance floor stage. Not thinking a romance would last as the couple was living 50 mile apart- They’d meet halfway and goon dates as their budding romance got off to its start. Picking someone up for a date and driving home again far away says a lot- Someone doing that for a woman means true love touching a tender spot. When the popped question of 28 years later love did arrive- Never expecting her groom to ask her the bride said yes happy their strong love did survive! As most men do the same thing Forrest got down on one knee- Asked Rose to marry him now just set the date to be. Rose promised her betrothed they would marry on his 100 year old birthday milestone- Done crazy wedding before, Pastor Sam Lewis officiating noted this one was awesome in tone! All guests thought that they’d be celebrating Forrest’s 100th birthday- Weren’t they surprised and happy by the double celebrated milestones on 3/19/11 a special day! The newly wedded couple was both married once before so long ago- Left their nuptials so happy in a beautiful limo- Spend their wedding night in a hotel with champagne what a way to go! “You’re not done living until you’re dead” was the wedding theme so true! That could happen to anyone at any senior age maybe even you! A Belated Congratulations To Mr.and Mrs. Lunsway: Sincerely Yours, D.K.Milgrim-Heath  (Mar 28, 2011 | post #1)