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Jul 9, 2007

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Clarksville, VA

Clarksville Letting Down Our Own

Its a sad state of affairs when Clarksville and Mecklenburg County Virginia has stopped looking out for us local folks. Have you noticed how the city, local and county officals including the *businesses* have all started to cater to the visitors and tourist who pop in and decied to relocate. Check out the local grocery store prices, We have a clothing store local people cant afford to shop in, What would us locals do with out the Dollar Generals ? Our vistors don't shop for groceries, clothes, shoes, only flip-flops, a gal milk or loaf of bread. How about a roof over our head? Check out the price of rent or even better try to buy a home. The price our realestates have on homes is utterly outrages. What are our fathers and mothers on a fixed income suppose to do? For that matter our children and grandchildren. The future I see for them is either hit the lottery or high tail it out of dodge. They sure cant afford to live here. So then what becomes of Clarksville?? As I see it the people who is reaping the benifits NOW is distroying the future. They have forgotton the local folk, made it impossible for our youth, yet they keep on with shallow promises of new jobs, more businesses. Yep, take a look at South Hill or South Boston. They are thriving and they dont have a lake. However what they do have is us locals driving there to buy groceries, affordable clothing and while we are there we can take in a movie or eat in Applebees or a Taco Bell, a Steak House Im sure you get the picture.  (Sep 9, 2007 | post #1)

Clarksville, VA

Motorcycle Accident July 6 2007

Thank You My prayers are with them.  (Jul 10, 2007 | post #3)

Clarksville, VA

Motorcycle Accident July 6 2007

This accident happened on Hwy 15 just south of Clarksville. I understand a person was killed. Any info on who it was and what happened? I know it involved a boat.  (Jul 9, 2007 | post #1)

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