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Mar 29, 2013

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Thru my rise and fall there always was this giant door that blocked my way i never opened to scared to look to see or go thru that path way it's apart of me I've always ignored I've slept thru can you hear me snore as I avoid this fucking door Always caught and always wrapped like my dick I'm suffocating I'm ducking trapped trying to get off my message that's breathless it's about to snap but now it's breathing and releasing its thoughts rub the bottle you'll hear my words like a gene trapped in the lamp I'm here I'm stuck like a fuckin stamp to the letter to better myself and my message to create something I was blessed with so now I'm here once again to look to see the door again another message another challenge I'm here to face the one door I never face I avoid at every cost to keep staring thru but it's dark and I'm scared the little boy whose really lost Now I'm here and I'm challenged once again but still stuck where I began I battle in my own head the psychology of this blood it's dripping its so fucking red I'm laying here wondering where it's coming from where to go or where ill land when this is all over the constant chain in my fucking head where everything's a blood battle I'm lookin around but everyones dead everything is in black and white it's all gone now i see that I was always wrong amnd never right never could find the answers to my broken message never fixed always stepped in Always lost never blessed with the chance to romance my thoughts never time to myself just keep moving now I'm sitting here all by myself  (Mar 29, 2013 | post #395)