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Mar 31, 2009

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Transgender Woman Shot & Dragged In Arkansas

I forgot about those southern boys who like those male farm animals. I know they like to keep their hands soft with the sheep, helps them play high school football. No wonder why it is a complement down there to say he has "soft hands" But back to the topic, it is so sad that Ms Tye was shot and dragged to her death because she was transgendered, but I know unibrow doesn't care about the brutal murder of her. I doubt the local sheriff's department will do much about it or try all that hard to find out who did it and that is the truely sad part of it.  (Mar 10, 2011 | post #42)

Transgender Woman Shot & Dragged In Arkansas

so why would such a "straight " guy like you be trolling on a topic like this? hmm I'm thinking that men dressed like women being with you turns on you. so by your comment you posted about "popping me across my face" only can mean one thing, deep down inside you want a guy to give you a BJ. accept the fact it turns on you, tonight you will dream about it and then you will hate yourself because of your upbringing. But that is ok, drink a few more budweisers and you will have the perfect reason to tell your friends why you hooked up with your local cross dresser. you were drunk, when you know deep inside going against your upbringing that it turns you on.. Its ok, we will be here for you when you accept it and will love you just the same..and we won't judge you for your past beliefs and feelings  (Mar 10, 2011 | post #37)

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GOP fines Wisconsin Democrats; Walker says party backs hi...

my only problem with Governor Walkers move was why did he exempt the fireman and policeman. They should all have the same changes done. I used to like the the peoples republic of wisconsin, They pay their teachers very well, but you barely get above average results. Where I used to live the main employers are paper mills and more then a few of the smaller once closed up and those jobs are never coming back. So why should the teachers still make their annual raises based on years of service? And if they add a few college credits they get additional pay. And why should they not have to pay toward their retirement plan and great health plan. I would love to have no co-pays to see the doctor and being covered 100% on the rest of it and only work 190 days a year for their pay. The educational degree is the easiest one to get of the college degrees. Yet when was the last time an educational professor was teaching in a school? 10-20-30 years ago if ever.. Why do schools need 3 assistant principals?  (Mar 10, 2011 | post #766)

Transgender Woman Shot & Dragged In Arkansas

OMYDAM your "weiner" is the same size as your IQ I would guess 5 or less and your just a closet crossdresser who is turned on by the idea of being with a transgendered person, but it goes against your southern baptist christianity guilt (ie racist, sexist, except with your cousins,) that you were brought up with. So it makes you drink budweiser beer to try to drown away your real feelings, because of those years of guilt, fire and brimstone teaching. yet in your mind the idea is erotic to you. Ms. Tye does deserve better, but it is down south where too many of them are close minded, heck more then a few of them are still thinking "the south will rise again" and they can't make a right turn when they are driving.  (Mar 10, 2011 | post #35)

Transgender Woman Shot & Dragged In Arkansas

I think OMYDAM is really a closet crossdresser, he just hasn't accepted it yet. Because he knows his friends Bubba and Bobby might be turned on if they knew he liked womens clothing. I hope someone from out side that area does the investigating of the crime because you know those "good ol boys" don't want to find out one of their best friends was turned on by a transsexual because it might mean that it might rub off.  (Mar 10, 2011 | post #29)

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