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Jun 3, 2012

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Brandenburg, KY

Lou Sears

Ha ha ha... u both s**k  (Jan 27, 2013 | post #25)

Brandenburg, KY

Lou Sears

I'm from Irvington, and I know both Louann and janet. All I have to say n the wurds of Santa is HO HO HO!!!!!!  (Jan 27, 2013 | post #24)

Brandenburg, KY

Who do you support for County Judge / Executive in Kentuc...

hmmmmm  (Jan 27, 2013 | post #76)

Brandenburg, KY

Larry Sizemore for jailer.......

I used to be friends w this guy. he seemed like a good fella with good intentions so I friended him on facebook. Then I got to see just how fucked up this guy actually is. he uses facebook to publicly humiliate folks like its his own personal forum. What kind of sissy ( LOL ) talks crap about folks when he on a public space when he doesn't have the balls to say it to their face, like sissies do? He is an instigator, a liar, and worthless layaround that is abusing the unemployment system like we taxpayers owe it to him to pay him money so he can sit around, get drunk all day long, and talk shit about troy seelye and whoever pisses him off that particular day online. Guys like you, Larry, deserve what you got in life, ya drunk piece of crap. You think your so special, and youre not. You're NOTHING... ya always have been, and always will be. You will never be jailer- give it up man. You know who I am- we were friends for a long time. if you see me on the streets, act like you dont know me, because I sure as HELL am gonna act like I NEVER KNEW YOU. You're scum.  (Jun 3, 2012 | post #1)

Brandenburg, KY

Haymaker at Uncle daves last nite......

First off, I ain't postin my real name to this. Just dont wanna see anyone else make the same mistake I did last nite next time these guys play out. Folks, I was bored, had nothin to do, and a buddy of mine calls me up and asked me if I wanted to go to uncle daves to hear a live band play. at first I told him no because i aint into the same ole country bullcrap acts around this one horse county, but, I needed to get away from the kids and the mrs for a while, plus he told me there was a rock band playin, so I met him at uncle daves for some brews and some supposed good rock music. I get in the place and it was damned near dead and this was around 930. Not gonna lie, the singer was real good, and the bass player kept it like I like it, but man, the two fools on guitar and the drummer messed it all up for me. One of the guitar players tried to sing a song and play, and that was it for me. i hit the door before I puked because it sounded so bad. Here is my advice for you guys.. the singer and bass player need to find another band to play in, because the guys your jammin with sound like warm dogshit on the sidewalk. To the guitar players- the one who tried to sing and play guitar ( i think your name is tommy) whoever told you that you could both sing and play guitar lied to you, boy. You suck, man- stick to your day job, take some lessons, then try it again, because your suposed to be the best mucisican in meade county, and son, I wasnt impressed- Ive seen rreal talnet, and you aint got it. To the drummer, you cant carry a beat if it was handed to ya in a bucket with a 4 foot handle. my davice to you is sell your kit and dont buy another one till you take some damned lessons. and to that guitar player, Donald... I know ya and you know me. never really liked ya because you think your shit dont stink because your a jones and a mccoy. I think its funny that your gene browns' boy and you think your a mccoy. Son, I know your dad, knew your step dad, and knew both your grandpa jones and mr mccoy, god rest their souls. They have to be turnin over in their graves because of you. You dont have any heart when you play, and try to make up for that by hittin every damned note you know and put it in every solo you play, like your some sort of Chet atkins or Jimmy Page. Get a clue, get a job, and stop triny to be some sort of rock star at age 40+. You aint got what it takes because if you did, you would already be famous. thats all I have to say, and dont care what anybody thinks about this post. just warning you people ahead if time, if you wanna go out to a bar and this band is playin, dont waste your ttime or your money because they aint worth it.  (Jun 3, 2012 | post #1)

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