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Aug 8, 2012

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Madisonville, KY

Kimberly Frasier/ward/Griffin

Damn. Theres quite the conversation goin on in here. Im in the process of moving and turned my internet off. Had to go to a friends house to see what was goin on. Thx to you guys I got a call yesterday from the ever so popular Kim blaming me for all this saying I was the one writing this stuff. Just so we all know...Im one of the ex-husbands. As bad as that sounds. Even though I made the worst mistake ever dealing with Kim and her family I was able to get out and file for a divorce, then put it all behind me. Im not gonna lie. I dont nor did I ever like Betty or Frankie but I got better things to do than waste my time talking about them. But reading all this now with Kim telling me on the phone yesterday that they all have been reading this. I can tell you that all the people defending them just recently is them defending themselves. What I do know is Kim does have a problem and Ive told her this since I divorced her. She thinks she has to have sex with a guy to make him like her and if she would take things a little slower maybe she would find a relationship that will last. Oh and stop cheating. You did cheat on me twice. Thats why the divorce happened. lol. Anyways, thought Id put my two cents in since I was brought into it yesterday by a RESTRICTED phone call. The same RESTRICTED phone call thats been calling me on odd times through the nights the past few weeks. I know it was you Kim. I never get calls like that.  (Aug 8, 2012 | post #20)