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Nov 9, 2011

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Fort Towson, OK

DA not doind thier JOB

it was the one before matlof, she was very rude.  (Nov 10, 2011 | post #30)

Fort Towson, OK

who is dino from s.e oklahoma. around hugo area

not sure yall tell me.  (Nov 9, 2011 | post #1)

Fort Towson, OK

Ft.Towson water rates

sick of dallas trying to steal everyone elses water they have a lake right out side of dallas. let them drain that one dry first before hunting for other sources. i dont care about dallas till they try to drain my lake dry in oklahoma.  (Nov 9, 2011 | post #38)

Fort Towson, OK

Ft.Towson water rates

not really if u live around dallas. yall wont have water soon  (Nov 9, 2011 | post #35)

Fort Towson, OK

jeff story

ooooooo by the way do u live next door to them?  (Nov 9, 2011 | post #67)

Fort Towson, OK

crackwhore candice logan

buddy i have know you for year and never thought of you as hater, i guess i was wrong  (Nov 9, 2011 | post #44)

Fort Towson, OK

jeff story

i just found out yall been talking all this chit. them boys are trying to change there lifes for the better. and if you dont know the family SHUT THE HELL UP. THEY TOOK THERE DADS PASSING HARD. NOW they are trying to do better and i pray they keep on getting better. so i had to put my 2 cents in is all.  (Nov 9, 2011 | post #66)

Fort Towson, OK

Ft.Towson water rates

thank you I will try that too  (Nov 9, 2011 | post #33)

Fort Towson, OK

when it comes to your childs life what would you do?

justice will be there if not in court then life because karma is a %itch and get those who mess up every time. i didnot lose my son but he was in ICU for over a week and 3 months out of school because of a dunb ass with a cell phone on hollween. i am sick of people that think they are better than everyone and can hide behind the law when they wrong something.  (Nov 9, 2011 | post #18)

Fort Towson, OK

DA not doind thier JOB

i know how that feels the mother or what ever was at the store talking chit that nothing was going to happen to her because of her family contacts. about running my son over. still get pissed just thinking about it. i am truly sorry for ur lost son and i know it had to hurt everyone. pisses me off that everyone stand by and does nothing to help those who have been thou this. god bless ur journey on getting justice. i know my sons never came to light. i pray for you  (Nov 9, 2011 | post #27)

Fort Towson, OK

Ft.Towson water rates

yes i am the same one who posted this. i kick my own azz for not buying that house in messer, but i did not want my kids to go to hugo. i think about my kids before myself.  (Nov 9, 2011 | post #31)

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