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May 30, 2012

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Martinez, CA

Victims of Contra Costa Court

Amen to that! In 2002 my daughter Christi Walker had falsely reported to authorities that my other daughter Kimberly L age 11 had been molested by her step father, Rodney E. My daughter Kimberly said it wasn't true but the social worker sat with her for hours on end and coerced her to tell the story as she dictated and rehersed with her. Kimberly says she just wanted to go home and finally she agreed and started telling the story.Kimberly stated to me that her sister Christi was also pressuring her to say the same so kim could go live with Christi and her dad. The social workers name is marcy williamson. No matter what we did the social workers lied and kept our children from us. We have not seen my husbands 2 girls in 10 years although Kimberly recanted the story back in 2002. Now thwy have taken my grandaughter because she may be at risk of abuse from a case which was a lie to begin with. The judge has ordered no contact between myself and my granddaughter. I was her primary care taker and she was well cared for. My daughter was abused in fostercare and by the social workers and no my granddaughter is being abused. My daughter still claims that she lied with the help of cps workers, but no one will listen. we have not seen my granddaaughter for 5 months now. Please help us! the local DCFS address is 500 Ellenwood Way Pleasant hill, California My e-mail is if you want to contact me!  (Jul 29, 2012 | post #2)